Yesterday PNMs spent almost an hour sitting silently in various sorority houses at the University of Alabama.  Why you ask???  Because bad storms swept through the city of Tuscaloosa and we were in a “sorority weather delay”.  Don’t laugh!!!  Seriously…big storms plus rain and wind and PNMs in beautiful dresses don’t mix.  It is a practice here in the south that is common during recruitment.  I woke to thunder and lightning early this morning and the weather channel has informed me that after this first wave blows through there will be more this afternoon…hmmm I see more weather delays in my future!

SoI would say we in the thick of recruitment time.  I’m happy, excited and sad all rolled into one.  HAPPY, because I have been waiting for this since last year and I LOVE recruitment time….EXCITED, because recruitment is exciting..PNMs finding their sisters and SAD:(… well I always feel so bad for the girls for whom this process doesn’t end up the way they had envisioned.

The questions keep flowing in so while I have a few minutes I will answer a few more:)

1.  I put a sorority in my bottom list and they did not return into my party schedule.  Now a member of that house is texting me telling me she is missing seeing me. Is that ok?

NO!!!!!  This is a recruitment violation.  Please tell your recruitment counselor and do not text or talk with this young woman!


2.   For skit day I was seated in the back of the room and one of the first girls out the door.  Does this mean anything?

Yes it can.  Usually the girls who sit in the front of the room and are the last girls out are girls who the sorority is “courting”.  In some cases the last girl out can be a “top” girl.


3.  Does the room I am seated in make a difference?

It can..depends on the sorority.  Each sorority has a method in which to separate PNMS by desirability…some do use the room method.


4.  I was cut by every house but 1 after the first round of recruitment.  Is there a chance I can carry that one house all the way through Preference and get a bid?

Yes!  Don’t give up!!!  Go and smile and if you really feel a connection then let the girls know that. It only takes one!


5.  All I have left is the “dud” houses on my particular campus.  I have heard that all the girls are fat and ugly and no one wants to swap with them.  What should I do?

Only you can decide what is right for you.  Reputations and rumors are one of the biggest “tent talk” subjects.  I always tell girls to base their opinions on first hand experience not on what you hear.  All sororities have swaps.  There are fraternities who will swap with every sorority on campus.  Again…rumors.  It’s sad because these rumors can really hurt a sorority.


6.  Each time I’ve gotten my party schedule I have gotten all of my “top” houses back but today for Preference I am worried I won’t.  What if my favorite houses cut me?

My suggestion is that you don’t worry about something you have no control over.  When you get your party schedule you can’t look at it and be sad that your favorites aren’t there.  You need to embrace the houses that are on your list.  Those houses wanted YOU.  They are preparing even as I write this for YOU to come and experience Preference.  They are excited to have you back.   So you have to put the houses that are gone behind you.  They aren’t coming back.  Go an give the houses you do have a chance.  In most cases girls are pleasantly surprised at the connections they have with the houses they Pref.


7.  I was invited back to three Preference parties and I can see my self in each house.  How do I choose???

Take yourself out of the recruitment experience and look at every day life.  Which house  can you see yourself in on an day to day basis…sitting in the tv room in your sweats eating popcorn.  Where can you be you.


8.  I am going through recruitment at a school that is pretty laid back.  I am now beginning to panic because I think I should get recommendations but I don’t want to be the only girl with recs.  What do I do?

I always maintain that a rec can’t hurt you.  It serves as an introduction and lets chapters know more about the girls they are going to meet through the process. If you want to get a few recs I would say go ahead.

Ok so the white Pref dress is calling…To all those girls who are getting bids…have a great day!  Preference girls…enjoy the parties and the emotion involved and those who have just begun the process..hang in there!!  For those of you who are still will be here before you know it 🙂