As promised….here is a great recruitment story from a very sweet girl who I know…she went through at UT-Austin..a very competitive recruitment .  Enjoy!!!

Here’s my recruitment story!!

Recruitment Story

I love the show Desperate Housewives so I decided to change the names of the sorority for confidentiality to the main characters names. Enjoy!

PNM went through recruitment at The University of Texas at Austin and this is her rush story. There are 14 sororities at UT.

The first round was Open House and it was a two-day long round where each of the girls visited every house. PNM’s houses were split up 9 the first day and 5 the next.

Open House Day 1:

Orson: PNM went into this sorority knowing that she would be given a ton of attention since she was a legacy. She was right. She got paired up with a senior and was introduced immediately to the recruitment captain. She had really good conversations here.

Julie: She was super excited for this house. She had heard really good things about it and the girl she talked to was super sweet. Although she found it strange that she only talked to one girl, but it was still up there.

Edie: PNM had great conversations here! Talked to 6 girls and had a really fun time.

Bri: She had good conversations here and had talked to 4 girls. She really enjoyed this house.

Gabrielle: This house was good. She had a really outgoing girl and was introduced to so many people that she forgot many names, but still had a good time.

Tom: This house is currently recolonizing and PNM was more interested in joining a larger and more established sorority, but wishes this one good luck as they have their own formal recruitment soon.

Mary Alice: Good conversations here nothing special.

Susan: Conversation here felt forced but still PNM had heard such good things she wants to give them another chance.

Penny: PNM had so much fun here! The girl she was paired up with had a lot in common with her and she was even introduced to the president of the chapter.

Open House day 2:

Lynette: Pretty good conversations here but she doesn’t think she’ll get invited back.

Karen: Had a really good time at this house. She has older friends here, so it was fun to catch up and meet new girls as well.

Mike: Okay conversations at this sorority, didn’t feel like it was a fit at all.

Danielle: Conversations felt forced again here, but the girl was nice.

Carlos: Awkward conversations, not a lot of fun.

After this round the girls got to choose 10 they would like to go back to the next day and then ranked the last 4 in order of what they wouldn’t mind going back to if the best options didn’t work out. PNM’s favorites so far were Bri, Edie, Penny, and Julie.

Philanthropy day 1

This round the girls went to each house and learned about the philanthropies of each chapter and did a small craft for them. PNM was nervous about getting her schedule but soon excited when she saw she had a full schedule! Though she was cut from Julie, one of her favorites she was ready to give Danielle another chance, and was invited back to all the other houses she wanted! The first day she had 7 houses.

Gabrielle: This house didn’t go as well as the first round and she didn’t feel a connection.

Karen: She had more good convos at this house and enjoyed the presentation and was introduced to the president.

Edie: This house she loved again! She enjoyed their philanthropy and liked what they had done to support it and thought they had the best presentation.

Bri: Good conversations here once again and loved their philanthropy and presentation.

Penny: She loved this house and really admired what they had done through their philanthropy work.

Mary Alice: Okay conversations here but felt a disconnect.

Orson: Once again felt the legacy status as she was seated front and center for the presentation. Wasn’t really seeing herself being apart of this sorority.

Philantrhopy day 2:

Susan: Conversations were much better this time and really enjoyed their craft and learning about their sorority.

Danielle: Conversations were SO much better here and she was introduced to recruitment captain.

Lynette: More forced conversations and couldn’t see herself in this sorority.

Now the girls had to choose their top 6 (If they had that many) and then rank their bottom four or however many they had leftover. PNM’s favorites were still Edie, Bri, and Penny.

Skit Night Round

This night each sorority performs a funny and cute skit to promote their sorority and show their personalities. PNM was happy to see a full schedule again with all the houses she loved.

Bri: She thought this skit was adorable, definitely one of her favorites. Conversations were good and she hoped to see them on Pref night.

Susan: This house went back to forced conversations and her girl left her and she was left to find someone random to talk to. Definitely did not want to return here.

Penny: Had really good convos here again and was excited to be back and loved their skit.

Edie: Once again, this sorority pulled it off and was her absolute favorite of the day. She said they did an excellent job and made her feel at home. She really wanted to be at this house for pref.

Karen: This house went well as always but just because the convos were good didn’t mean she could see herself there with those girls as her sisters.

Danielle: More good conversations here again, so happy about the turn around from Open house round, and she said that their skit was hilarious.

She had to rank this night and she was really confused what to pick. She knew she definitely wanted to go back to Edie and Bri but was having a hard time picking her third choice because she liked them all so much. She ended up going with Penny  since she liked them from the start but would be okay going back to Karen or Danielle.

Preference Night

It’s a good thing PNM kept an open mind. For pref she did have three house but they were Edie, which she was excited about and then Penny and Danielle. She was okay with these but knew in the end it would make her decision easier.

Edie: This sorority was wonderful for her. The speeches were moving and she could really see the bond these girls shared and finally knew that this was absolutely the place for her.

Karen: This house went well. She was paired with her friend she knew which made it harder since she was so in love with Edie. But she stuck it out and still had a good time here.

Danielle: She had a good time here as well but still her heart was set on Edie. But once again made the most out of it and had really good final conversations.

PNM then went to ranking and in order put Edie, Danielle, then Karen.

Bid Day!!!

PNM was excited for today but had to focus on other things to steer away from anticipation since they did not receive their bids until 5. When that time came around, she was starting to feel more nervous. She knew that even if she didn’t get her first choice she would know to keep smiling and make the best out of everything.

When the time finally came and the recruitment counselors said “open your bids!”, PNM  ripped hers open and she was given a bid to……….


She was very happy and although a day has gone by she has already bonded with her pledge class and the older sisters. She knew this was the right choice and cannot wait to make life long memories with her sisters! ☺