Today i woke up VERY excited and a whole lot sad….why, you ask?  Well I am VERy excited because today is a REAL football Saturday….We are heading down to Columbia Missouri to watch the Tigers debut as an SEC team and my beloved Crimson Tide Roll….(Roll Tide!) into Cowboy’s Stadium to school Michigan….very exciting!!! I have been waiting 8 months for this.  I am also sad because formal recruitment season is winding down….the fast and furious weeks have given way to a trickle.  Oh don’t get me wrong…there are still recruitments going on out there but the weeks of 5 or more going on at the same time are over until next year.

As I have been blogging it’s not too early to start getting ready for the process…judging by the drop in readers I am thinking we are in lull time…you know that time between when there are a few ardent readers who have taken my suggestions to heart and are starting to look for recs, prepare a resume and think towards next August but the majority of the girls out there are in denial that you need to get ready this soon…it’s ok!!! They will come to their senses soon enough and in the mean time I will sit and blog about all things recruitment.

I have done a few posts on a time line of sorts and so am going to jump back into that today.  Tomorrow I have a heart breaking recruitment story for you but I also have several more that you will love!

When we left off a couple of days ago we were at March.  March begins the “EXCITEMENT” phase of pre-recruitment…kind of the opening act for the big show.  How so you ask?  Well….it’s “Pre-View” month for several big schools.  PNM’s get to come onto campus and pre-view the different sororities.   they get to visit for just a few minutes (just enough to make them want so much more) and they get invited to pre-recruitment teas and parties where they get to talk with real live sorority girls.  It’s just plan old exciting!!!

So how do you know if your campus will have a preview?  Starting checking back here in January or February…I will be listing all of the pre-recruitment events as they begin to trickle in.  How do you get invited to a pre-recruitment tea or party.  You have to be on that particular sororities radar.  And HOW do you get on their radar?  By being pro-active…contacting alums who will contact the sororities to let them know that YOU are getting prepared to go through recruitment in the fall and YOU are someone they want to meet and get to know better.

REMEMBER!!!!! As soon as that contact is made and YOU are on the sorority radar YOU need to make sure that your facebook and twitter are squeaky clean!!  Just yesterday I was talking with a young woman who was released from recruitment at a larger SEC school. She was quite upset and as we chatted she shared a very interesting piece of information.  Apparently last Spring while on a trip to Mexico with friends she made a  video on the beach one evening using her iPhone. She sent it to all of her friends who had made the trip so they would have this “memory”.   I won’t go into details but the video was pretty explicit in both suggestive nature and language and there was LOTS of visible alcohol (I have no idea where the parents were). She and her friends (boys and girls) thought it was funny and after they returned she forgot about it.  In June she had an argument with one of the girls who went on the trip.  Apparently in retaliation the now “non-friend” posted this video to YouTube without the girl knowing it.  She further sent links to some of the girls who lived in sororities on the campus where this girl would be going through recruitment.

Recruitment came and this young girl really felt she had everything covered.  She had two recs to every house (confirmed) a great GPA (3.9), a nice resume..lots of extra-curriculars and great volunteer info.  She went to first round parties, had great conversations and really felt like she had made some great connections.  She noticed at some houses they asked about senior trips, spring break trips but she really didn’t think anything about it. She shared she had gone to Mexico with friends and had a lot of fun.

Day Two party cards came out and this young woman was SHOCKED to find that she had been dropped by every house but 1!!!! 11 houses had not invited her back.  She went to her recruitment counselor to ask why?  She was convinced that there had been a computer glitch.  This young girl is gorgeous…she is witty and funny and smart (well not smart about some things apparently).  The recruitment counselor told her she’d look into it (there wasn’t a lot she could do) but encouraged the girl to go to the 1 party and really try to be open-minded.

The girl and much to her surprise she enjoyed her time at this house .  she made the mistake of telling them that it was her only party..they were all she had and she even cried at the party.  When they asked the “why” question she said she didn’t know but she hoped to find out soon. She didn’t have to wait long….for when she returned to her dorm her recruitment counselor was waiting for her.  She asked her to come into a private room and then dialed up the YouTube video on her phone.  The poor PNM watched in horror as the “Funny as a joke” video played in front of her.  She now knew what had happened.  The next day she was released from recruitment.  She contacted me and asked me to share here this story.  She hoped that this would not happen to any other PNMs in the future.  So ladies…when I say make sure your Facebook and twitter accounts are clean…(as well as no YouTube videos floating out there) I am serious.

Ahmm..okay back to the time line.  I hope that when March rolls around you also have received some “sorority mail”. Remember those are the cards and letters that sororities send to girls who are “on their radar”.  If you haven’t then reach out to those alums that you know and make sure they have contacted their sorority to let them know about you.  A little note about this…don’t feel bad for asking alums to do this.   They like to do this for PNMs and many, many do it over the course of a recruitment season.  Houses are used to it and in many instances expect and rely on their alums for this “introduction” process.

I hope you get to go to a Preview Weekend…they are fun, informative, a great place to network for recs you still need and a first glimpse for many into the workings of sorority life and the recruitment process.

April and May are usually busy for PNMs because graduation is right around the corner. For many recruitment gets put on the back burner and a little forgotten.  This is totally okak as long as you have been working on getting your recs in order and are prepared to send rec packages soon.  If not you are going to find yourself behind when June creeps past and all of a sudden it’s July.

Another item about APril and May.  Some girls wait to do their Senior pics until now (not sure why but oh my that would make me nervous!).  Remember to order extra wallets for rec packages.  Same with tea cards…make sure you have enough left over from graduation announcements..if you don’t then add to your list of “to do’s”.

May will be the “no contact” period for PNMs and sorority women.  don’t panic!  It’s not that the no longer are interested or don’t like you.  it’s just that Panhellenic has said that in order to make recruitment fair sororities may not have contact with PNMs until formal recruitment begins. This is generally for campuses that have formal recruitment in August or September.  I’ll cover what happens in a deferred recruitment in another post.  If you have a relationship with a sorority member who is on the campus where you will be going through recruitment at that requires you to see each other on a regular basis throughout the “no contact” period then the sorority member may ask Panhellenic for a waiver of sorts.   This waiver will allow you to talk with each other but anything about recruitment and sorority life is a “no-no”.  You are the honor system on this one.

So that brings us to June.  I will save that for a future post.  Off to cook tailgate food and try to figure out if hurricane Issac is going to rain on the Tigers!!!