I have a recruitment story to tell that some of you may identify with.  It comes tome by first hand knowledge…since it involves a delightful girl/family I have known for a while.  No names here and several of you might think it’s about you.  There is a lesson to be learned in this story and for those of you who are just beginning this process I suggest you cut and paste this to save it for when you get ready to actually go through formal recruitment (a year from now?).

Once upon a time there was a beautiful, smart, sweet young girl who shall be known as “The Princess”.  The Princess was preparing for the next big chapter in her life.  At 17 it was time for her to leave her kingdom and journey far, far away to a kingdom where she would learn many new thoughts and ideas at “The University of Knowledge”.  The  Princess was excited for the adventure but was a little scared to leave the kingdom she grew up in.  None of her friends were traveling this far away to learn (there were closer Universities but The King thought the far, far away University was the best!) and she wondered how she would make friends.  She wondered what the people who lived in this strange place looked like?  The Princess knew that other princes and princess would be traveling to this far away place to also attend The University of Knowledge.

To alleviate her fears the King and Queen arranged a visit to this far, far away University, so when the Springtime came the Princess, King and Queen loaded into their carriage and headed across rivers, through fields and over mountains to the University.  The King had arranged for a young Page to give the Princess a tour of the campus.  As the Page told the royal family the history of The University and all it stood for, the Princess looked at all of the happy students, the beautiful buildings and knew that she would be very happy here.  As the tour concluded the Royal Family stood and looked to their left where they spied large homes with columned porches.  Beautiful young princesses went in and out of the front doors of these homes.  The King asked the Page what these were and he told them they were called “sororities”.  The Page went on to explain that a sorority was a group of princesses who lived together, did social activities together, and volunteered for a specific philanthropy of one of the Kingdoms