Happy Halloween! On this day of Trick-or-Treating I thought I would write about the “tricks” of  putting together a great recruitment and the “treats” that await you once you open that bid card.

First the “tricks”.

Trick #1:  Start early.  Unless you are one of the lucky girls who is surrounded by women who were members of the 26 NPC sororities now is the time to start looking for those recommendations.  Hunting down recs is time-consuming.

Trick #2:  Network.  In some cases just having a recommendation is not enough to get yourself on a sororities radar.  Making contact and connections inside a sorority is a definite advantage.  When asking for recs inquire whether the woman has any connection within the sorority.

Trick #3: Do your homework.  Make sure you understand how recruitment works on your campus.  If there is a Preview Weekend..go.  Follow your campus Panhellenic on Facebook.

Trick #4:  Be your own cheerleader.  Don’t be modest….you want these sorority women to know how great you are and how you will bring all the greatness with you when you become a member.

Trick #5:  Keep an open mind.  It’s fun to google the different sororities on campus.  Often when PNMs do this they find houses that they can “see” themselves as members.   They “hear things” about houses on campuses and make judgements. Don’t. Give every house the same chance.

Now for the “treats”.

Treat #1:  Upon accepting a bid you will become a member of an amazing sisterhood of women. A sisterhood that will be lifelong and follow you where ever the world takes you.

Treat #2: Being part of a sorority give you an amazing network of young women.  Your sisters will be there to support and empower you whether its help with classes, a shoulder to cry on or just someone to go have ice cream with.

Treat #3: As a member of a sorority there will be so many different opportunities to get involved.  Whether it’s your sororities philanthropy, a Greek mission trip, or an executive position..the opportunity will be there.

Treat #4:  As a sorority member you will learn leadership and teamwork skills.  These skills will be a great advantage for you once you go out into the workforce.  Employers have indicated that they are more inclined to hire someone who has been a member of a sorority or fraternity because of these skills.

Treat #5: As a sorority sister you will have different activities and social events that you will enjoy.  From swaps to homecoming events you will have a group of sisters to enjoy these fun times with.

Treat #6: Sorority members are held to high academic standards.  Academically you will be supported by your sisters.

So there’s just a few “tricks” and “treats” when it comes to sorority life.