Well yesterday the cold weather officially arrived at my house!  It rained really hard (we so needed it!) and as the cold front moved in I was hoping to see a few snowflakes but there were none:(.  this morning the sky is a beautiful blue and it’s freezing!!!  I love this weather.  Thanksgiving is just a little over a week away I was thinking about how at this time of year we really need to reach out and help others so….I thought I would reach out and give some of my favorite recruitment tips!

  • BE INFORMED>>>>>>>>
  •   If you have decided to go through recruitment make sure you know if you need recommendations (remember if the word comes up at all then get them).
  •  If your campuses Panhellenic puts out a Recruitment brochure then see if you can find a copy from previous years online.  I love love love these booklets, they have so much valuable information!
  • When visiting campus try to set up a Greek Tour if it’s available.  Sometimes Greek Life or Panhellenic will have sorority women who will take you on a tour of the different sorority houses or living spaces, eat lunch with you and even introduce you to other sorority women.
  • If you are a “Legacy” make sure that your National Organization and the local chapter knows that you are going through recruitment on campus.  This is especially true if you are coming from out-of-state.  Although being a legacy in today’s recruitment world does not guarantee a bid it helps that you are on the chapters “radar”.
  • If you are “Legacy” and are visiting campus contact your legacy chapter, ask to visit the house (note: you will need to be accompanied by the person who you’re a legacy through, it’s a matter of being polite).  Be prepared, you might be invited to lunch and/or tea.
  • Don’t listen to tent talk or rely on reputations that come from hearsay.  You will hear talk about the different sororities’ stereotypes and most of the time they are unfounded. As you got through recruitment listen carefully to the girls you talk with at each sorority.  You be the judge.
  • Have an open mind.  Don’t let others cloud your choices during recruitment.  You need to choose the best sorority for you.  Be open to what each presents.  don’t dwell in the past or worry about the future. Take recruitment one day at a time.


  • Read about each sorority on campus.  Learn about their history and philanthropy.  Look at chapter GPAs. Look up all the different opportunities for Greeks to get involved on campus.  Most sororities will ask members to be active in several other organizations on campus.  Explore your options early.
  • Find out if there are Pre-Recruitment events for your campus.  If there are then plan to attend if at all possible.  These events are great for exploring the different sororities as well as making first connections with members.
  • Call your local Panhellenic Association and inquire as to whether they will be having any sort of Recruitment workshop for senior girls.  If you don’t have a Panhellenic in your area look to the next largest metropolitan area.  These workshops are a great way to meet alumnae women who may be willing to write you a recommendation.
  • As you are looking for alumnae women to write you recommendations leave no rock unturned.  Make a list of all clubs, activities, social groups, workplaces that you and members of your family (extended family as well) participate.  Make a plan as how to contact women in these groups to explore whether they were sorority members.
  • Explore the best ways to market yourself through your resume, especially the areas of Leadership and Community service as these two areas are looked at closely.  Make sure that you put the best you forward in print.  The paper you may be the first time a sorority “meets” you and you want to stand out from the rest of the PNMs.

BE YOURSELF>>>>>>>>>>>>

  • Be honest with who you are.  Don’t put on an act, be you.  you want the members of the sorority to like you for who you are. You don’t want to be stuck with girls for 4 years (and a lifetime) that you really have nothing in common with.
  • Try not to be nervous.  Remember that the sorority members are also searching for the best PNMs for membership.  Not only are you trying to impress the sorority so they will choose you but it’s members are trying to impress you so you will choose them.
  • Dress for success.  As you go through recruitment pay attention to your dress.  If your campus has given you dress guidelines make sure you adhere to them.  you don’t have to be a walking designer store but make sure you are well put together each day. I wish I could say appearances didn’t matter but they do so make sure hair, make-up and clothing choices are all appropriate.
  • While speaking with sorority members make sure your conversations are appropriate and stimulating.  No talk about booze, boys, bucks ($$$), or bible.  Sometimes PNMs go into recruitment thinking that sorority life is one big party.  They are so wrong.  Sorority life is about forging relationships that will last a lifetime.  Yes, you will have Swaps and Date Parties but you will also have Sisterhood events, TME (Total Member Education)  and Philanthropy events.
  • Don’t be shy.  If you tend to be shy practice your conversation skills BEFORE you go to recruitment.  Recruitment parties are like speed dating.  You have a short time to talk with members and to get to know them and more importantly have them get to know you. Showing interest and initiative is a great way to show a sorority you are interested in them.  If you can remember member’s names that you have talked to on previous days that’s great!! Do everything you can to be “remembered”.  I always suggest that girls wear a conversational pair of shoes or jewelry.
  • When you are talking with members be passionate about something.  Tell them why you love sisterhood, the university, a community service that you have done, leadership (this is important as the sorority will be looking for girls who are passionate about getting involved), friendship.  Help them make the connection of how you can be passionate about their sorority.

Most importantly HAVE FUN!  It’s a process and if you trust the process. are open and true to yourself and have done your homework and are prepared it will work.  you will find your letters.