I am so sorry the posts have been sporadic!  Life here has been crazy..thank goodness we are in a bit of down time when it comes to recruitment.

A good friend reminded me that Black Friday is coming up and what a great time to buy your sweet daughters items they might want/need for recruitment. If you have done your research then you will know (and most likely have a list) of the prevalent styles and way of dress on your daughter’s campus.  While I do not condone changing who you are in order to “fit in”, I do think that if you radically dress differently you might want to tweak your wardrobe just a wee bit.  what better time to start to make those tweaks at Christmas.

So all you SEC bound girls how about asking Santa for a pair of those Nike Shorts all the girls wear?  We have also seen a shift towards the Nike running skirts so you might want to add that to your list.

Although it’s not a big deal some campuses are “Northface” and some are “Columbia”..either way a good fleece is great to have.  I have noticed the southern SEC schools seem to lean toward the Columbia products.

If you are  going to a school that wears Game Day Dresses then why not add one or two to your closet now?  **** You will need dressy cocktail dresses for date parties and special occasions**** watch the after Christmas sales for these types of dresses and pick up a few.

Christmas is a great time to ask for that set of Vera Bradley luggage you’ve been wanting.  I cannot tell you how much I use mine…love it!

As the end of the college football season comes closer football jerseys will go on sale.  Pick up a big over sized one to wear with leggings and boots to the game.  Even the schools that wear dresses will occasionally break out a jersey and boots.

Here’s just a thought….(this is for moms)…make you daughter a little gift booklet of gift cards from the restaurants and stores on or near her campus.  You can use a small empty book or make your own.  Decorate each page with a theme or a month of the year.  Attach a small envelope with the gift card enclosed.  It’s the gift that keeps pn giving. We did this for our youngest and each month at school she was able to open a small present that allowed her to indulge and treat herself.  I used spa cards, Target, restaurants, clothing stores..ect. I actually did an 18 month one so that she could start using it before school to treat herself to a few small items she might like to have.

Purses….you will need a side bag that is small for football games.  I also love the little Vera Bradley wallets with key rings.  There are tons of options out there to choose from.

Jewelry….pearls….you need them.  A pearl necklace, bracelet and earrings..the real thing. Christmas and graduation are great times to gift these.  In addition you might want to add a special piece of jewelry to her collection.  Maybe a Yurman bracelet or earrings.  If you start the collection at Christmas you could add a piece at Graduation.

You might want to look at the James Avery website.  They have a lovely line of sorority jewelry and a gift card for her to purchase her lavaliere after she is initiated would be nice.

If your daughter is going someplace where the weather is significantly different you might want to add a winter coat, jacket ect.  Rainboots are a great gift!  Hunters, Sperry…my daughter just bought a darling pair of Steve Madden..there are tons out there at a variety of prices.  I will tell you that I have found the better make of the boot the longer it lasts!  O and puffy vests are all the rage…J Crew has a cute one!

As you are shopping keep your eyes out for those potential recommendation writer that are still eluding you!  We met several women while shopping in J Crew…no kidding.  Standing in long lines can be tedious and frustrating so why not network while you have to do it?

So I hope the BLack Friday shopping Gods smile on you as you venture out.  I am heading to NYC for a few days of fun with my eldest daughter and yes!!! LOTS of shopping (not to mention the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, the Rocekttes christmas Spectacular, A few Broadway shows…..)

Happy Thanksgiving!!  Will try to post from NYC but most likely it will be Monday!  Go back and enjoy a few of your favorite older posts.!!!