Happy Day before Thanksgiving.  First of all I wanted to tell all of you who are faithful readers (and those of you who just happen to “pop” in), that I am very “thankful” for you support.  I love all the comments and am more than happy to answer question so keep those coming.  I hope that all of you have a great Thanksgiving!

As I traveled to NYC yesterday I got to thinking about sorority recruitment.  As I looked around on the NJ transit train that was taking me into Manhattan I saw so many different and unique women (men too but for the sake of recruitment am going to focus on women). They were all sizes, shapes, and from a multitude of ethnicity.  EAch was their own person.

While at dinner with my oldest daughter we talked about recruitment and the “flaws” in the process.  I have to tell all of you that it is not my purpose or intent to change you or convert you into the perfect PNM.  I know I throw out “labels” when I write…sorry I just love J Crew, Anthropologie and several other sights.  If you ask my girls they will tell you that I tend to gravitate to unique clothing.  It just so happens that you see these labels on many of the college campuses where I just happen to focus on going through recruitment.

I know..where’s she going with this?  Well this morning after my daughter had left for work I needed to make a diet coke run.  Lucky for me there is this market kind of catty corner from her brownstone so I pulled on an oversized t-shirt, some leggings and a big old brightly colored, festive sweater and headed out.  Now if you had known me in the past you would find this amazing.  Growing up in a household where it was lectured that you NEVER left the house with out your hair done and you “face on” this never would have happened 10 years ago.  But hey…I have embraced this new “me”.  the me who is comfortable in my own skin.

When I used tot ravel I would research what people wore in the city I was going to visit.  I remember almost having a panic attack the first time we went to Paris because I wanted to “look” Parisian.  My oldest daughter tried to tell me that no matter what I wore I would have the glaring sign tourist hanging from my neck but I resisted, which resulted in too much luggage (you should have seen me lugging this HUGE rolling suitcase up the subway steps to our hotel;/).  I never wore half of what I brought and definitely didn’t look Parisian!

My point today is that when you go through recruitment..whether it’s a campus that has a competitive recruitment or one that is laid back and easy-going my biggest piece of advice it to be YOU.  More importantly be the YOU that is comfortable in your own skin.  Sure if you want to go ahead and get the over-sized shirt, the Nike shorts, the Columbia fleece..if YOU want but the best thing you can do is be YOU.  If you go into recruitment confident about who you are, what you have to offer and what you want out of the experience and process you will find the experience more pleasurable and hopefully less stressful.

The question is ..”Do you really want to join a group that doesn’t like you for who YOU are?  If you go into the process being true to yourself and comfortable in who you are, trusting the process and how it works, you WILL find your letters.  I will share that I have had girls go through and find that while being true to themselves this path was not for them.  I applaud them for realizing this..not an easy realization.  Most went onto have fantastic college experiences.  I happen to know that some also went through recruitment a second time and had a better experience and found a sisterhood that was a perfect fit for them.

So as you are preparing for the recruitment process remember who YOU are.  Be true to who YOU are.  Your family, friends are “Thankful” for YOU. Thanksgiving blessings to you all!  Am off to play in NYC!!!