Okay Ladies…this is the post many of you have been waiting for.  The dates for the 2013 Pre-recruitment season have started to trickle in!!

So….with many initiations finished College and University Panhellenics are beginning to release recruitment information for the 2013 season!!!!  So see…..remember that I told you in September to start getting your resume ready because you were going to need it?  Yep well guess what??? If you are going to go through recruitment at a school where pre-recruitment events occur..you need it.

It’s no surprise that first out of the gate is one of the biggies…The University of Alabama.  True to form they have changed things just a little bit this year. First of all…Preview Weekend is set for the weekend of February 23rd.  This is a WHOLE month earlier than in the past.  Haven’t heard exactly WHY they changed this but Spring Break is the week that is usually when Preview was so I am thinking that probably had something to do with it.  In addition Home Town teas are now scheduled for during Christmas break!  Again a whole month earlier.

Why is this important?  Well for one invitations for Home Town teas will go in the mail this week(if they haven’t already).  How do you get one of those if a Bama sorority is coming to your area?  Someone had to contact the sorority and give them your contact information.  Who does this you ask?  Usually the members are asked to submit names of girls who they know from their home town , high school, or through a family acquaintance.  These girls are then placed on a mailing list where they will receive cards for the major holidays as well as invitations to pre-recruitment events.

What if you don’t know anyone, perhaps you are out-of-state or just don’t have any connections to any of the sororities on the campus you are attending?

Hopefully you have been securing women who will write and send you recommendations this spring?  When you asked these ladies if they would write your recommendation hopefully you also asked them if they would be willing to contact their chapter on campus with a personal note letting them know that YOU are going through recruitment and that they think that YOU would be a great addition to this particular sorority.  The note should ask that you be included on their mailing list and be invited to any pre-recruitment events.  These are usually sent to the recruitment chair but if that contact information is not available then it can be sent to the sorority email itself,  The alum who is reaching out can also call her national GLO and ask for the contact information for her sorority’s regional advisor and copy her on the correspondence as well.  When reaching out to make contact the alum should include a copy of your resume and a picture of you.

Don’t be embarrassed or shy to ask your rec ladies to do this.  I get asked all the time.  I won’t don’t do it for girls that I do not know or that I have not spoken with on the phone (sometimes it’s mom I’ve had a lot of contact with at first but if I’ve seen and worked on her resume I will do it).  The point is to get you on the sorority’s radar.  Will getting this mail and attending these parties guarantee you a bid? NOPE!  But what it will do is allow you to possibly make a few connections within the sororities so that when recruitment time comes around and a sorority is discussing girls you will be remembered.  As I have preached over and over and over again…this is all about networking and connections.

As soon as you are on a sorority’s radar members will ask to be your Facebook friend.  They will be gin to dig deeper to find out if YOU are the type of girl they are looking for.  Most sororities have (or will in January) done a self assessment, looking at their strengths and weaknesses and to begin to list the qualities that they would find desirable in their 2013 pledge class.  This process is done every year.  With seniors graduating, positions will need to be filled.

One thing you need to remember is that a sorority is not just a built-in social life.  While many activities revolve around social events a sorority is a business as well.  A business that does good works and develops strong, motivated, empowered women to go out into their communities to continue the skills and talents that they honed while in college.  A sisterhood for life!!!

Makes sense doesn’t it that they want to make sure that the girls they choose for membership are going to be involved and contributing members.  They are many shoes to fill and hats to wear in a sorority and each and every member needs to contribute.  Contrary to popular belief that it’s all about the looks it’s all about the ability to bring skills to the sorority to make it a thriving, successful group on campus.

So jumping back to getting on the lists….it jus helps yo identify YOU as a person of interest….someone who quite possibly could fill some pretty big shoes and be a valuable, contributing member.  That personal connection from alum to chapter, highlighting the fact that a pretty amazing PMN is coming through recruitment and will undoubtedly be sought after by other houses on campus, along with a strong resume, can give you just that little extra “recognition”.

So Alabama…. Many Home Town teas as scheduled for during Christmas break.  The dates, times and places will vary from sorority to sorority depending upon their population.  Many will have one in Tuscaloosa, probably in the Birmingham area, some will reach out to Nashville, Hunstville, Atlanta, Dallas…again depends upon the strength of numbers of girls from those areas.  These teas are usually held at home or restaurants in the area.

I don’t know how January is going to unfold…last years schedule was Home Town Teas in January, Pre-recruitment teas is Tuscaloosa in February, Preview in March and I believe a couple of teas in April.  With Preview up a month there is some talk the Pre-recruitment teas that were held in Tuscaloosa in February that were not related to Preview (remember there are invite only events during Preview Weekend from Friday night through Sunday afternoon) may not be held.  I am working on getting as much info on this so stay tuned!

What about if you are attending another University?  teas and invite events seem to be BIG at SEC schools.  So while schools like Ole Miss, Kentucky, South Carolina may not have structured Preview Weekend events you can bet that they have mailings and some private events that PNMs are invited to attend.  I know for a fact that a couple of the schools mentioned above have events where PNMs are invited.  I will post in the next few days on that process but I will share that if I were a PNM going through recruitment at a competitive SEC School that I would make sure and have women who are writing my recs and are agreeable, contact their chapters on campus and give them a heads up that a pretty fantastic PNM is coming through.

So for some of you it’s time to get to work…… :).