Ok so many of you are going “what is going on..she’s not posting…is she lost?  No…just incredibly busy.  I wear a lot of hats and many of them have been thorough church the past couple of weeks.  some of you know I am a collaborative trainer for a local school district and so I am in classrooms this week visiting my teachers. On top of that who knew that my post about dates would generate so many emails…I spent most of yesterday on the phone :)..that’s a good thing because I love to help and talk with all of you but alas ..no post!

So I promise…this week a post with all the questions I have been asked this week and a post about quota adds..something that is pretty interesting will be added and to the sweet lady who just commented on my post about putting our son on ebay…..  Well after graduating from Loyola  this past May and moving home to my house this past August (he’s “looking” for a job) I am about ready to follow through and post the boy..he has LOTS of skills..(can cook is friendly, will take out the trash) …seriously..consider it!