Questions have been flooding my Inbox the past week!!!  So many questions about recruitment. I remember when we started this process 4years ago my daughter and I also had so many questions.  I wanted to share with you all that you never have to apologize about asking those questions….it’s ok..really.  I will try my very best to answer each and every question.  Many of you can attest that I will email you back and offer my cell number. I am more than happy to chat on the phone with you, sometimes that’s easier than playing email tag. I have had many of you tell me that you don’t “want to bother me”.  Here’s what you need to know…if I didn’t want to talk with you I wouldn’t offer my cell number…it’s ok…go ahead and call.

So how about those questions?

*Many of you have asked if you should attend Preview Weekend at Alabama on February 23rd?

YES!!!  If you are able to attend you should. This is especially true for girls coming from out-of-state.  The dress and culture is just different and my daughter and I found it very enlightening to go to Preview.  The invites she received to the teas and events gave her a first sneak peek into the sisterhoods of some of the sororities.  I will share that she changed “favorites” several time before accepting her bid.  Remember that the actual program put on by Panhellenic is just on Saturday.

*Do I need a resume?

YES!!! There are several reasons for this. First of all by sitting down and putting your activities, awards, volunteer opportunities on paper you get a pretty good sense of who you and who the sororities will “see” when they read your resume. Secondly, the information on the resume will help your recommendation writers fill in their recommendation forms.  It’s so important that those forms are filled in perfectly.  Remember that those resumes and recs are often scored and those scores are important for the first round of parties. Lastly, your resume will help you fill out your recruitment registration form. So if you haven’t started yours..get going!

*Since I’m form out-of-state and several of the sororities on campus take mostly girls from around my schools area I’m just not going to even bother getting recs for them.

NO!!!!!  you need to get recs for all of the houses on campus.  This is a huge mistake out-of state girls make.  You just never know what house you might click with.  Truth is you will find out-of state girls in every house, it’s just that some houses tend to take more out-of state girls than others.

*My friend got a bid from a house that she did not get a rec for.

Yes, if a sorority really likes they will call am alum and write you a rec but why leave this to chance?  Your friend was lucky.  If she reached out to her local Panhellenic for help it could be that they found someone to write a rec for her without telling her.  Again I repeat that those recs and resumes are a PNMs first points.  They also alert the sororities that you are coming through making you “on their radar”.

*Do I have to have recs from women who were in the sororities on my campus or can they be from alums from any campus?

While it’s always great to have recs from a woman who is an alum from a chapter on campus it is not required. If you are going through recruitment at a competitive recruitment school then you need recs ..period.

*I am going through recruitment with an open mind but there are a couple of houses that I have heard aren’t good…should I just not list them>

NO…always list every house and attend all parties.  Many campuses have a policy that if you attend all parties and list all houses that they guarantee you will get a bid. Always list all houses!

*I have curly hair but might straighten it for recruitment. I look totally different with it straight My pics I sent were of me with the curls? What do I do?

If you sent pics of you with curly hair then wear it curly.  Remember the purpose of the pics is so that the sorority members will recognize you.

*It seems like the sororities have lots of activities every week..when do I study?

Sororities had mandatory study hall hours for all of their pledges.  These will be proctored and you are usually given a choice of several places to theses.

*You said that I should put my class rank on my resume but my school does not rank..what do I do?

If your school doesn’t rank then do a percentile such as top 5% of 188 students for example.

*My school says it doesn’t take Letters of Support.  How do I let sororities know that I am someone they might want to pay attention to?

You can have alums attach a personal letter of support to their recommendation.  They should outline in the letter how you as the PMN exemplifies the character traits of that sorority.

* I know several girls in sororities on the campus where I will be going through recruitment.  Can I assume that they will want me and get me a bid?

I would not assume that just because you know girls in some of the sororities that you will be invited back to al of the parties and receive a bid.  It takes more than one girl to pull a PNM through.

So just a few questions…asked and answered..keep’em coming!