Well in the world of crazy things… just got the word form the Alabama Panhellenic Association that there will be NO private pre-recruitment teas or parties this weekend.  The only event will be the Preview event put on by Panhellenic.  This is new and different from years past.  Gotta tell you there have so many changes this year at Alabama.  I am not sure why or where they are going with it but WOW…this was definitely a curve ball.

So time to re-group.  Preview at Alabama, according to the Panhellenic website check-in will be either Friday night from 5:30 to 7;30 pm at the north entrance of Bryant Denny and also Saturday morning from 9 to 10:30 am.  The Program for the girls will begin at 12:30 at Bryant Denny.  There is a wonderful brochure on the UA Panhellenic website that detains the day. http://issuu.com/katgillan/docs/final_panhellenic_preview_day_2013 

Now with this change I would still encourage you to attend Preview Weekend.  It just full of such wonderful information.  Panhellenic does a great job of putting on a very nice program, full of lots of great tips about going through recruitment at Alabama.  In addition you will get to visit each sorority for a brief period of time.  It’s your first chance to make connections with sorority members. I think one of the most important benefits of Preview is the other PNMs and mothers you will meet.

Now as for the pre-recruitment private invite events go here’s the word I have as of today….they are planned for the Weekend of March 16th.  I have also heard that IFC will be holding their Fraternity Preview Weekend this weekend.  The word is that each sorority will be allowed 1 pre-recruitment event during the weekend.  This is also different from years past where sororities would have two events.

I have had a number of you comment that this is hard on OOS girls and I agree.  It also means missed days of school and not to mention travel and $$$$ but if you are invited and you can go I would certainly encourage you to!  Again its a valuable way to make connections with the sororities on campus.  I am in the process on learning about how many girls will be invited to these events…stay tuned.

I think the word for now is just be flexible…..:)…easier said than done sometimes.!

I wanted to let you know as per UA Panhellenic that Preview Weekend will also be a “no contact” weekend for members and PNMs.  The exception will be during the house visits.   While some houses will show videos others may choose to do very limited “bumping”.  Remember “bumping” is when you are picked up at the door by a member and after a conversation (in this case VERY brief) she introduces you to one of her sisters who then talks with you until it is time for her to introduce you to yet another sister. this process is called “bumping”.  As I said some sororities will do this on a very limited basis during Preview house visits. Be ready for questions like..”Where are you from?”, “Are you looking forward to graduation?”, “when is Prom?”, “Why Alabama?”, “Are you having fun?”….lots of conversation.  It’s great practice for recruitment.

I know some of you have been scrambling for invites to these events.  Good news is you have another whole month (well almost ).  This will give you time to continue to secure recs for recruitment as well as invites for the March 16th weekend.  As many of you know I am always happy to help in any way that I can.  May of my readers have sent me resumes and together we have worked on them, making them as perfect as possible.

A word to the wise about obtaining recs, letters of support and sponsorship to pre-recruitment events.  I know that as high school seniors you are incredibly busy.  Many of you are blessed to have mothers and parents who are very helpful.  It’s my suggestions that you, the PNM, reach out to the sorority alums for recs ect.  Sorority alumnae can be an interesting breed.  There are those women who are extremely helpful and will be willing to write recs for girls they barely know and there are those who are not terribly helpful except to those who they know personally.  In addition in some cases where the recruitment is competitive (like Alabama) young women have been primed to go through sorority recruitment since they were small.  They have seen their mommas, aunts, grandmothers and cousin all involved in their particular sorority alum events and in some cases they have even been told that they too WILL become a member of sorority XYZ.  In some cases this is a very elite club that OOS girls are trying to gain membership into.  REally sometimes even the in-state girsl who are not well-connected have trouble!

So be patient, keep trying, if you are a mother..make your daughters take on some of this leg work.  Be prepared to spend A LOT of time finding recs (especially if you OOS with little or no sorority ties).  And IF….at the end of the day you do not get invited to these pre-recruitment events do not despair.  I know fo many girls who did not attend events and still got bids.

I am sure that because of this change there will be some girls who will not be able to head back to Tuscaloosa a little less than a month later to attend these parties.  It’s okay, really but I would impress upon you to use you manners and RSVP that you are sadly not going to be able to attend but really look forward to meeting the members during recruitment.

So that’s it for now…sorry about the confusion..I am only the messenger and a huge thanks to my “source” who enlightened me to this situation today.  It’s all very interesting since in the middle of December I had confirmed that they were having pre-recruitment parties. Am wondering what tomorrow may bring. oh and get ready for any kind of weather…snow in Tuscaloosa today!!!!!