I was thinking back three years ago this time and how we were in full throttle sorority recruitment preparation.  Panhellenic Preview had been on our radar for less than a month and everyday was filled with assorted tasks to get my dear daughter totally prepared.  As most of you can attest, who are in the throngs of preparation, time just flies by!!

Before we knew it, the time had come to head down to Preview and the 12 hours in the car allowed us to “practice” our conversation skills.  For those of you who are reading this post and have chatted on the phone with me personally,  you all know I have NO TROUBLE carrying on a conversation.  All of my children are good conversationalists but this experience was a bit different that anything my daughter had done before.  We talked about how this is nothing more than a glorified interview. How she just had to relax and enjoy the experience.  We knew that she most likely wouldn’t spend a lot of time getting to chat with sorority members.  She would have a brief opportunity as we walked around and looked at the tables that each sorority had set up.  We had been told that several members would be available for questions.  Since house tours were very brief (10 minutes in each house) we thought that she might have a few minutes to chat with a member or two.  The part that really worried her was that she was staying with a sorority member for the weekend (I was staying in a hotel) and that this member was going to take her to and from the invite events she was attending (including those that were being held with the sorority member’s house).

Luckily, we were given a list of questions that she might get asked and so we practiced them all the way down.  I told her even if she didn’t get asked some of the questions I was pretty sure that she would during recruitment and so this was just giving us more time to perfect the answers. Before I go through the list….. a couple of  pieces of advice.

You will get asked many of the same questions over and over again, especially during the first rounds of recruitment.  Smile, be polite and courteous. you may have told someone your hometown and major for the 20th time that day but it’s still news to the person you just met.   If you smile, nod your head, lean ever so slightly into the conversation (you may need to do this because it can get pretty noisy) it will make you appear interested.

Conversation during Preview and recruitment can vary.  Be relaxed, go with the flow, don’t get stressed or flustered.  the member who you will talk to has been practicing recruitment conversations and will most likely initiate the conversation.  She will probably try very hard to make you feel at home, tell you about her sorority as well as try to get you as excited about tit as she is and coax you into talking about yourself and interests. Have fun!  Sometimes the conversation will stray off topic and that’s totally ok.  What began as a conversation about a philanthropy project might turn into a conversation about shoes.  It’s okay!! Enjoy it!!!  the goal is to develop a rapport with the sorority member so you can increase your chances of being invited back.

Bring your big voice.  Sorority recruitment parties can be very noisy with so many people talking.  Those of you who are quiet and shy will need to work on this.

It’s okay to tell the sorority members that you like their sorority and are having a great time.  If you are nervous and shy it’s okay to tell them that as well. If they know this then they will make an effort to put you at ease.  Remember as you go deeper and deeper into recruitment week you are there because the members wanted you to be there.  Enjoy the process and have fun at the events.

I know that I’ve been referring to formal recruitment a lot and it’s months away but Alabama’s Preview Weekend is right around the corner and as we have been discussing house tours are a bit different this year. Yep…if I were a betting woman I would think that you will have a good chunk of time to “chat” with sorority members during house tours.  So ladies, I thought that this post was probably going to be helpful :).  I might also throw out there that since invite events are a month later that the conversations you will have may get you an invite back to campus for the invite events.

So….take a look at the list and practice some great answers to the questions.

1. Tell me about yourself?

Use this opportunity to share about what makes you who you are.  Let them know things about yourself that they might not see on your rec or resume.

2.  How did you choose your major?

If you don’t know your major it’s ok to say you’re still thinking about it.  If you have a story about how you chose your major share it.  You might ask the member how she chose her major.

3.  What are your hobbies?

Hopefully you listed these on your resume.  This question is going to help the member pair you up with members in her house who have similar interests.

4.  What kind of community service have you done?

Remember each sorority has a philanthropy that it champions.  Members are required to do service hours each semester and they are looking to you to see if you are going to embrace their community service as well. Enthusiastically share your favorite philanthropy event and why it made an impact on you.

5.  What prompted you to go through recruitment?

It’s okay to share that you are nervous, scared, and a little stressed about the process.  the member can identify with you. Remember she was in your shoes at one time.

6.  Why are you interested in joining a sorority?

The incorrect answer is to meet fraternity boys and go to parties.  You need to show that you are interested in becoming involved and being a contributing sister to a sisterhood that isn’t just 4 years but a lifetime.

The next questions I am not going to give prompts …they are pretty self-explanatory.  One piece of advice always answer the question fully.  For example…What’s your favorite tv show(s)?

Good answer: Oh my gosh I hate to admit it but I am addicted to Survivor.  My parents and I watch it every week. At the beginning of each season we put the names of the castaways on pieces of paper and draw names for our Survivor team.  The person who has the winner at the end of the season get to pick where we go out to dinner.

Bad answer: Survivor.  NO ONE WORD ANSWERS!!!!

7. Favorite music, tv shows, movies, colors, sports?

8.  Do you like to travel?  Where have you traveled?

9.  What did you do this summer?

10.  What classes are you taking?

11.  If you are a transfer student why did you transfer?

12.  Why did you choose this school?

13.  If you are an upper classman, why did you decide to go through recruitment this year?

14.  What kinds of clubs were you involved in high school?

15.  Do you have anyone in your family that went Greek?

16.  How will you pay for dues if you join a sorority?

Yep…..they will ask the money question…

17.  Where are you living this year?

18.  What do you like to do for fun?

So that’s a list of possible questions?  I thought it might be helpful to put them out there.  Read them over..print them off.  Practice the answers.

Next post….some questions you can ask :)..(much more fun when you get to ask the questions!!!