I know yesterday I promised that I would continue with questions that YOU, the PNM could ask members either during Preview house tours, private invite events or Formal Recruitment but we are doing a little swerve today to hit another couple of very useful topics ;).

I had a good friend reach out to me yesterday after the new blog post went up.  She had some great advice and so I thought I would pass it along to you.  She calls it “A” Hook” and appropriately so.  Her advice was this:

” One thing you should mention is that every girl should have a ‘hook’.  That one unusual thing that members of a sorority will remember.  Some thing that stands out and makes them who they are.  My daughter’s hook was that she loved sharks…not just loved them, but could identify 70 species, could talk about each one and had actually gone swimming w/ whale sharks and gone to Monterey to see a Great White.  When she came back in to one house, a girl she had talked to two days prior grabbed her and told her that she had to meet another sister, who also loved sharks and was going to study marine biology in grad school.  This happened at several houses.

The ‘hook’ helps make connections.  It makes you a person to them and not just a 1 dimensional picture or resume.  It makes you who you are and gives you a chance to shine while you can talk easily and not be self conscious taking about your passion.”

So there you have it “A Hook”.  Start thinking about your “hook” now.  My daughter also had “A Hook” in fact she had a couple of them.  While we were in London for Spring Break she and her sister had stood outside the movie premier of “The Bounty Hunter”.  They desperately wanted to see Jennifer Anniston and Gerad Butler.  Of course there was lots of paparazzi.  We came home and a week later her best friend shows up at our door with a copy of People magazine, a sharpie and asks my daughter for her autograph.  Amazingly enough when they were shooting pictures of Jennifer on the red carpet my sweet daughter was front and center in the middle of the pictures, in People magazine.  She told that story so many times during Preview Weekend and several sorority girls sent her copies to sign LOL!!!

Her other “hook” was that starting in January she baked her way through the whole Martha Stewart Cupcake Cookbook.  She started at the beginning and baked her way to the end, finishing up right before graduation.  She bought cupcake carriers and would take them to school the next day.  It got to be that on the nights she baked I’d have 10 or more boys in my kitchen waiting for cupcakes.  It was a great story to tell. so..put on those thinking caps ladies :).

Finally I wanted to share three more Panhellenic workshops that were just posted.  The first one is in Seattle Washington.

Seattle WA area — Overlake Alumnae Panhellenic: See


“College Sorority Information Forum at 7 p.m. on March 5 at the Redmond Library, Meeting Room 1, 15990 N.E. 85th St. The forum is free and registration is not required.”

The second is for girls going through recruitment at Auburn.

For Women Planning to Go to Auburn:

Auburn’s College Panhellenic is doing presentations in Houston TX and Birmingham, as well as at Camp War Eagle throughout the summer.


from ^^

“Interest Sessions for High School Seniors
There is no need to pay someone to teach you about sorority recruitment. All summer, we will present at Camp War Eagle to educate our potential members about recruitment as well as sending important updates, so please don’t go to outside consultants for help. This spring, we will be represented at the following meetings, which are FREE to high school seniors interested in sorority life. We are only represented at the meetings listed below. Click on the town to learn more!

* February 23, 2013- Houston, Texas
* March 2, 2013- Birmingham, Alabama”

The third is in Chattanooga Tennessee.

Chattanooga TN Area Alumnae Panhellenic GO GREEK! Sorority Information Session
Saturday, Feb 23
The Church on Main, Downtown Chattanooga

All area high school girls and their mothers are invited to attend. Topics covered: What is a sorority?, benefits of Greek Life, conversation skills, and how to secure letters of recommendations. In addition, there will be a recruitment fashion show.

More information:
Facebook Page at https://www.facebook.com/pages/Chatt…685705?fref=ts
or @GreekSisters

I love to creep on different Panhellenic websites and Facebook pages for great tips and nuggets of advice. The Chattanooga had a great post called, “The 7 sins of Sorority Candidates”.  It was wonderful so thought I’d share it with you all. 

  1. SIN: Going into recruitment without knowing what
    makes you a valuable potential member
    Be sure that you are able to predetermine your main strengths and isolate them into your position or brand.
    Be sure you know any of your personal hurdles that might become apparent during sorority recruitment.
    Adjust your online profiles to support your positions of strength.
    SIN: Demonstrating poor listening skills.

    Avoid interrupting the sorority member while she is talking, or talking too much about yourself. Convey your message about yourself in three sentences, then ask a
    question about her so you can listen.
    Demonstrate a genuine interest in the woman in front of you. Care about her hopes and dreams. Empathize with her struggles and heartaches.

    SIN: Not clearly having several examples ready to
    provide evidence of your main strengths.

    Be ready to humbly tell stories featuring you; in these stories, talk about skills or experiences that will be valued in a sorority environment.
    Be ready to drop some of your example accomplishments into the course of regular recruitment conversation.

    SIN: Ignoring the principle of first impressions:
    appearance matters when snap judgments
    must be made.

    Wear these: clothes that are not too casual, racy, or odd; makeup that makes you look alert and healthy; stylish, comfortable shoes.
    Know the nonverbal signals that you should and should not display, like making eye contact (yes) or crossing arms (no).

    SIN: Not taking advantage of the boost that your
    resume and recommendations can give you.

    Get recommendations that support the strengths you possess which are valuable in a sorority environment.
    Provide a polished, concise, compelling resume that could refresh sorority members’ memories of your conversations or tip the scales in your favor if needed.

    SIN: Allowing your conversations to blur together
    and being unable to make clear selections at
    the end of the day.

    Keep track of your conversations and impressions of each woman and her sisters after visiting each sorority.
    Use a number or grading system to rate each conversation so you can see how the sororities stack up at the end of each day.

    SIN: Demonstrating a lack of tact and maturity by
    talking about taboo topics.

    Keep your conversations away from race, religion, politics, alcohol, drugs, sex, money, (poor) health, other sororities and fraternities.
    Know how to quickly and diplomatically recover if you find yourself – or the sorority member – going down a taboo conversation path.