This was forwarded on to me this week by an amazing Charlotte Panhellenic alum…for all you NC girls in the Charlotte area I suggest you attend!

What happens during sorority recruitment?  Why should I go through recruitment?   What can I expect, and what is expected of me?  What are the differences in recruitment between different colleges?  What are recommendations and do I need them?  What should I wear? Looking for answers to your sorority recruitment questions?

The Charlotte Alumnae Panhellenic Council


Greek 101: The Sorority Recruitment Experience

 For high school seniors considering sorority recruitment and their mothers/guardians

 Date:             Sunday, May 19th     2:00 – 4:00

Location:             Suite 1000 Customer Service Center

4801-100 Chastain Avenue

Charlotte, NC 28217

(Off of Woodlawn Road between the light rail and I-77)

Please RSVP by May 12th by emailing with your name, your mother’s name, the high school you currently attend, the college you are planning to attend, and a contact phone number.  Also see our Facebook page at Charlotte Alumnae Panhellenic Council.

A Door Prize of $250 will be given to one young lady who attends with her mother/guardian. Panhellenic hopes this will contribute to her recruitment expenses.


Can I have a perfect recruitment?  It’s a question I get asked almost daily.  I always ask back..”what’s the perfect recruitment to you?”  The answers varies but usually I hear, “The perfect recruitment is when I get a bid to my favorite house.”

Many girls go into the recruitment process misinformed.  I get lots of emails that want to know how a PNM can choose the perfect house for her.  I have to remind girl and today I am reminding readers….recruitment is a mutual selection process.  What that means is this….

*Sororities identify the characteristics that they desire in a PNM.

*PNMs attend recruitment parties where they have conversations with sorority members and begin to make connections with some sororities.

*PNMS rank the houses they visit…listing houses they would like to return to and houses that they would not like to return to.

* Simultaneously sororities are listing PNMS that they will invite back and listing PNMS that  they will not invite back.

*Those lists are matched and a new set of invites are issued to PNMs.  And this is where for some PNMs the “perfect recruitment” begins to break down.

What do I mean that the perfect recruitment breaks down?  Well…what I mean is that once a house that a PNM “LOVES” and thinks is a perfect fit for herself disappears off her party list, she begins to think that her recruitment is doomed.  That is SO not the case!!  Hopefully when it happens for the first time a PNM still has other houses left that she feels a connection to.

At times PNMs have unrealistic expectations when it comes to recruitment.  They look at their resumes and feel that they are filled with activities, honors and awards and lots of philanthropy. I promise you..I am not discounting any girls resume but I am here to tell you that at competitive recruitment campuses we have many, many, many girls who have fabulous GPAs, are National Merit Scholars, have won beauty pageants, were class president, team captains, amazing cheerleaders, stared in every school play..I could go on and on and on.  I have met young women who at the age of 16 have started their own non-for-profit, their own philanthropy, their own dance studios, summer camps for challenged children..

So the question becomes, “how do YOU sell yourself” so you can have a perfect recruitment?

Here’s a few tips….

BE YOURSELF.  You know who you are.  You know your passions, your strengths and weaknesses.  So be you.  I guarantee if you are true to who are then you will find the sorority that is the right fit for you :).

USE YOUR OWN JUDGEMENT.  In other words don’t take others opinions about the sororities on campus and use it to make judgements on whether certain sororities are right for you.  So often I get emails for PNMs but also parents that ask me to tell them the best, the worst, the prettiest, the most popular sororities on certain campuses.  In sorority lingo we call it sorority tiers.  I dislike the whole concept and very rarely will I comment on a sororities reputation.  I remind girls that when they hear stories about sororities on campus that they are just that stories.  If you go into recruitment pre-judging sororities based on what you”hear” about certain sororities  you are going to  limit yourself and it may hurt you in the end.

MARKET YOURSELF.  May of you will be attending recruitment on campuses where thousands of PNMs will be participating in this process.  You need to make yourself memorable.  You need to be someone who sororities see as a valuable member.  While some girls will distinguish themselves on paper, many girls will need to do this during the “conversation ” part of recruitment.  Don’t hold anything back!  Share the funny and embarrassing story.  I know I’ve shared before but my daughter spent her whole senior year baking her way through the Martha Stewart Cupcake Cookbook.  Once the word got out we had lines of boys at out front door every evening…it made great conversations :).  She was also in People Magazine while we were in London at the premier of the movie The Bounty Hunter and had a great story to tell about almost being arrested for taking out the trash from our flat to the wrong trash bin.  The point is be prepared to share great, memorable stories.  Another way to market yourself is to wear a great piece of memorable piece of jewelry…a family heirloom, a funky pin..same goes with shoes….make yourself memorable 🙂

MEMORY IS EVERYTHING.  Be outgoing.  Don’t be afraid to say hello to girls you met at previous parties.  Don’t go rushing across the room but a smile, a wave, hello as they walk by all go along way to jogging members memories about you.  If you can remember their names..even better!!  We all like to be called by our name.  There’s usually a section on a recommendation that says “Outstanding potential member who will be actively sought out by other sororities, will attract others to membership, be an active member and/or chapter member.  Be outgoing! show the sororities that you are that girl!

DRESS FOR SUCCESS.  Chose clothing that is classy, fits you well, is stylish and makes you feel good. Make sure that your clothing choices are appropriate for the party days.  Sun dresses can be strapless but make sure that you aren’t pulling at it all the time.  Even though you may be going through recruitment on hot summer days baring skin is not a great idea!  Shorts don’t need to be “Short”.  If you are wearing sandals make sure you’ve had a pedicure…black toe nail polish is probably a no no.

REVEAL THE BEST YOU.  When carrying on conversations stay away from talking about boys, booze, religion, drinking, partying.  Speak about how you plan to get involved on campus, what your passions are.  Use words that show your leadership qualities, cooperation….paint yourself as a team player.

DON’T BE NERVOUS.  Easier said than done right?  Truth is the sorority members are nervous as well.  Just as you want to find your sorority home, the sororities want to get great, involved pledge classes. Approach recruitment as a way to make new friends,  have new experiences and learn new skills.

BE PASSIONATE.  Share with the girls you talk with why you love your university, community service, leadership and friendship. Express why you are excited about the sisterhood you will soon be a part of.  I always loved to talk to energetic PMNs who were so excited and enthusiastic!

HAVE FUN.  The week of recruitment will be long.  It will be filled with emotional ups and downs.  If you let those ups and downs get the best of you then this process may not go as you would like.  Embrace the experiences you are having.  Enjoy the new friends you are making.  This process will help you in the future when you go to interview for employment.

And so those are just a few helpful hints to make your recruitment as perfect a recruitment as can be.