For those of you who already received this post…this is the edited version…storming here in KC and alas computer crashed..second half of post disappeared :/. So keep reading for the rest of the post..sorry!!

I am a worry wart. I am…really.  I worry about EVERYTHING!!! My mother used to tell me that if worrying helped them the entire world would be worry warts…after my last deluge of emails I think that it just be!  Lots of “what if’s” out there.  I thought I would take time today to address some of the “what if” worries out there.

***What if I am attending a competitive requirement school and I can’t find recs for each house?

Recs are important on competitive recruitment campuses. I would suggest you go back and ask all of your friends and acquaintances again if they know anyone who was in a sorority.  Get ahold of your closest local Panhellenic and ask if they are able to help.  Google the different sorority alum groups in your area that have houses on your campus and ask if they have members that are willing to write recs.  If all else fails contact the national GLOs.  sometimes they will have lists of women who are willing to write blind recs.

***What if I love one house and one house only on day 1 of recruitment?

I would ask yourself why you love that one and only house so early in the game?  Have you not given the other houses a fair chance?  List what about them you lst what you know about the other houses. Do not just write down 1 house.  your options will be severely limited.

****What if I have nothing to talk about at a party and it gets awkward?

It happens…sometimes you end up with a member who you just don’t have a connection with.  Instead of sitting in awkward silence you can take the initiative and use this opportunity to ask about the members favorite sorority moment.  Ask her what her favorite sisterhood activity has been, what she does in her free time, what library she studies in, what was her favorite philanthropy event.  If all else fails tell her you like her dress, shoes, earrings, necklace ect.  The point is that you don’t have to sit in silence…

***What if I have a GPA that is lower than the recommended Panhellenic GPA?

We re seeing a rise in PNM GPAs.  While many campus Panhellenics suggest a GPA of 3.0 or above many PNMs re arriving on campus with GPA’s that hover around a 3.5.  If you are a GPA grade risk then I suggest you need to be honest with yourself and realize that your options might be compromised. Many sororities will immediately release a girl with a GPA lower than what is recommended.  If you have special circumstances for the lower GPA contact Panhellenic and inquire their opinion on how to handle this.  I have written recs for PNMS who have had a medical diagnosis that has impacted their GPA.  My suggestion has been that the PNM have the women who are writing their recs to also write a LOS, discussing the reason for the lower GPA and offering a suitable, documented explanation. Some sororities will take these letters under consideration while others will not.

****What if I am out-of-state?  Are there sororities that only take in-state girls?

The answer to this question depends upon where you are going through recruitment.  On some campuses certain sororities will gravitate towards girls who are from high schools in the area around the college.  You may find that they will take PNMs who have home town connections within their sorority.  My suggestion is to keep an open mind when going through the recruitment process…be open to each and every sorority on campus.

****What if I have reached out to various alumnae groups and my local panhelleinc for recommendation help but have not received a reply?

People are busy and so it may be that they just have not had time to get back to you.  I tell girls to give it about 2 weeks and if you haven’t gotten a reply then it’s okay to send a second email  If after the second email you still haven’t heard from the groups you have reached out to then it’s time to goto plan b.  You will need to reach out to groups in the town closest to yours.  Make sure that you attach your resume and a picture. Make sure that you have made it clear that you are willing to meet or talk with the women before they write your rec. you might also reach out to your colleges local alumni group and your local recruiter.

****What if I like a sorority that everyone else says discouraging things about?

The only person who needs to like a particular sorority is you.  Listen to your hear not the voices of others.  Gossip about sorority reputations runs rampant during recruitment.  don’t listen to any of it..stay focused and choose the sorority that you know is right for you.

*****What if i have a bathroom emergency during a recruitment party?

You should try to use the bathroom during the breaks that are built into your party schedule but emergencies happen.  If you have a situation where you need to use the bathroom tell the member that you are speaking with.  She will flag down the recruitment chair who will take you to the restroom.  She will most likely wait outside and will take you back to the party when you are finished.  You should probably let your recruitment counselor know what happened.  If you are in need of feminine  products your recruitment counselor should be able to help.

*****What if I am a twin and my twin sister is going through recruitment on the same campus?  Will sororities view us as a package deal?

In many cases sororities do view multiples as a package deal..this is especially true if the twins are identical.  If you and your twin want to make separate choices then I would suggest you both relay this information to the various sororities during the parties.  I would also suggest that if you have women write you LOS’s that they also address your desire to make separate choices.

While these “what if’s” are just a few…they are some common questions that I get asked many times.  Please feel free to ask those “what if” questions :).