Whew!!!!  So took a vacation out of the US…no cell service (okay so there was cell service but it was $$$$$ and so my husband put the ixnay on it…funny thing HE could get on his phone though!)…and was trying to juggle life on the ipad. Some how between using my phone in Seattle (Part one of vacation) and the ipad in Canada and then the laptop upon return my email went wacko. Add to this sending oldest child to Nairobi (yep the city in Kenya) for a 2 month trial period of a new job AND having our college daughter return home to begin the juggling act of 3 online summer school classes and a full time internship every day from 8-4 that is 45 minutes from our house in the teeth of rush hours traffic (and to add it isn’t what she thought it was and so on day 2 she announced it’s the worst internship EVER!!!) I think I need another vacation!!!!

Seriously I feel like this poor blog has been neglected!  My apologies to all of you! I’ve had a ton of requests for posts about different topics.  I have made a lis and will try and take them one at a time from most requested and so on.

Today’s topic is about meeting with potential recommendation writers…..what do you talk about?

Just an opinion but meeting with potential rec writers whom you don’t know is actually GREAT practice for recruitment.  It’s a similar process.  Hopefully the woman has your resume in hand and has looked it over so that you aren’t a total blank page when you meet.  I usually ask the girl to tell me a little about themselves, why they chose the college they did and why they want to go through recruitment. Remember to answer in full and complete sentences..no one word answers. For example: if asked to tell about yourself don’t just say ..” well I live in (insert city) and went to ( insert high school).  BEEEPPP!!!! Wrong answer…Better to say, “I live in (insert city) and I have to say that it’s a cute little town that is pretty laid back and easy going.  I went to (insert high school) which is one of two high schools in our town.  We have one on the north side of town and one on the south side of town.  ”

Do you see the difference?  When you open up then the answer will lead to more questions.  More questions leads to more answers and a connection begins to take place.  It is much easier for an alum to write a recommendation for a PNM if she has a connection to her.  More than once while talking with a PNM I have found that we have a connection on one level or another.  It makes you more “real” to the rec writer.

Be prepared for the woman who is writing your rec to get personal.  She wants to know who YOU really are, what you like, what you don’t like, what are your dreams, passions and desires.  Remember that she is recommending you for membership in her sisterhood, something she holds very near and dear to her heart. She’s looking for somone to carry on her legacy.