A recruitment counselor is a girls best friend during the recruitment process.  Not only do they help you get from sorority to sorority but they are there for you to talk honestly with about the recruitment process.

A bit of back ground info on how these remarkable young women were chosen for this important job.

On many campuses the process starts months and months before recruitment.  young women fill out an application showing tha they have interest in becoming a recruitment counselor.  After these are reviewed a group of young women are chosen to go onto the next round of the process, personal interviews.  In the personal interview phase we are looking for young women who are not only easy-going, easy to talk with, personable, kind, empathetic, organized, classy, exhibit positive character traits, a good listener but also young women who are able to be unbiased when it comes to discussing any sorority on the campus.  Remember its their job to help PNMs in any way that they can.  sometimes that includes listening to negative comments about their own sorority or perhaps other sororities on campus where they have friends and acquaintances.

From this pool of young women a group of recruitment counselors for the recruitment season is chosen.  Depending upon the size of the campus it can be as many as 100 young women or as few as 20.

The first task a recruitment counselor has is to go into any and all of her social media accounts and “wipe” them free from any references to the sorority of which she is a member of.  This means Facebook, Twitter, Instagram ect.  In some cases this can be a huge, time-consuming task.  while it usually doesn’ have to be done right away after being chosen as a recruitment counselor  in most cases it needs to be complete by May 1st.

Th recruitment counselor will also have to disassociate from her sorority. What this means is that once summer begins she cannot be seen wearing her letters. Once she returns to school she cannot go over to the house prior to the completion of formal recruitment.  In many cases during formal recruitment counselors will be placed in hotels for the week of formal recruitment. Daughter #2 was a recruitment counselor her senior year.  she lived in a house with 3 other sisters.  Since recruitment did not happen until after the first week of class she had to move out of her house before the freshmen moved in.  She spent almost 3 weeks in a hotel!!!! Let me just say that once she got to return home it was a joyous event!!!

Besides walk PNMs from sorority house to sorority house, guard the PNM’s tote bags that they carry all the things they might need (the list can be Long!!) and hand out party cards what else does a recruitment counselor do? Well the list is long and varied.

First of all they answer questions..and questions and more questions and just when they think that PNMs can’t come up with anymore questions ..they do!! Questions like:

♥ What is expected of me during recruitment?
♥ What do I wear?
♥ Where should I be? What time?
♥ How does a preferential bidding system work? (This may catch your recruitment counselor off guard, but it is an important question)
♥ How do I decide between sororities?
♥ What are some good questions that I can ask sorority members?
♥ What are the rules of recruitment?
♥ How should I respond to rumors?
♥ How do academics fit with Greek life?
♥ What are the financial responsibilities of joining a Greek organization?

Recruitment counselors can be the bearers of “good news” and “bad news”.  It’s their job to deliver/hand out the party cards for each round of parties.  If the card has the houses a PNM LOVES..then she’s happy and smiling. If the card is missing some key houses or has fewer houses than the maximum amount a PNM can be invited back to tears may develop. The recruitment counselor will then have to whip out her tissues, her shoulder to cry on and a lot of back patting and “it’s going to be ok’s”.

A recruitment counselor is also the person who must tell a PNM that she has been released from recruitment. Hardest job ever by far!!!  My second daughter was terrifies of having to do this. Each time she would go and pick up the cards she would call to announce that all of her girls were still getting invites. Next to formal recruitment I think this was my second most stressful sorority experience!!!!  On some campuses they will tell PNMS to be in their room for a certain time period in case “the call” comes. while I am sure some recruitment counselors call girls every one that I have ever know has gone to do this horrible job in person.  Just so you know your recruitment counselor’s heart is breaking right along with yours!!

These amazing young women truly do represent their panhellenic and greek life offices with the utmost class, service, and prestige.  So let’s hop back to why it’s so important that PNMs DON’T know what sorority their recruitment counselor is a member of.  There are several reasons….

First of all they are a PNMs rock, the person that they can go to and speak freely about any sorority, any tough choices they are trying to make, any concerns they might have…just anything.  If they know what sorority the recruitment counselor is affiliated with, then that limits their ability to feel free to talk about anything they want.  PNMs need to know that they won’t be judged, called out, tattled on ect.  Now a word of warning here.  If you are a PNM and you are dishing out about a certain sorority I would urge you to use some restraint and class….it could be that the recruitment counselor might be a member of that house or she might have friends in that house.  In one case while a group of PNMs were sitting under a tent during recruitment one young lady went on and on about a particular house.  She used hateful language to describe the members.  A recruitment counselor was sitting close by and heard every word.  It turns out her sister was a member of that house. Although she couldn’t say anything to the PNM you can imagine how hurt she must have felt. It is okay to express concerns over whether you will fit into a particular house and by all means talk that out with your recruitment counselor.

My youngest daughter loved her recruitment counselor.  When the young woman called before we left for recruitment (many school do this) she wasn’t so sure but meeting each other one on want they bonded immediately.  My daughter was a long way from home and the process was hard on her.  She shared that each night the recruitment counselor would come to say “good night” and always came to our daughter’s room last.  she would plop down on the floor and just spend time with her, listening, making her laugh and calming her down.  My daughter felt a very special bond with this young woman.  After Round 2 my daughter took a big cut in houses she was invited back to. She was very upset and turned to her recruitment counselor for advice and support. Her RC encourage her to look at the great houses she still had to really look at and pay attention to the skits she would see that day.  Thankfully our daughter did and what she discovered was that hiding in that list was “her house”…the one that was meant to be. She shared this with her RC.  She went on and on about how she felt a bond to those members, just like the bond she felt with her recruitment counselor.  After thinking about it my daughter decided to sleuth a little and try to find out what house her RC was a member of.  The kid was good and it didn’t take long to make a very pleasant discovery…..her recruitment counselor was a member of “the house”.  Yep…that bond that our daughter had felt with the members of that house and her recruitment counselor was real for a reason….those were her sisters and that was where she was meant to be.

I remember standing in her room after Preference was over and she had gone and voted.  Her recruitment counselor had come in to meet me and we were lamenting that we hoped that she ended up in her first choice house (the RC’s house as well).  Her recruitment counselor smiled and assured us that we should trust the process and she was sure that it would all turn out okay.  Well of course it did and our daughter is a member of “the house” and sister of her recruitment counselor. They are still very good friends even though the recruitment counselor has graduated.  On Bid Day they took pictures together as sisters.  Her recruitment counselor confided to me that she knew that “the house” was the right house for our daughter but that she had to work through some things in order to see it for herself…and she did thanks to this amazing young woman!!

So ladies….your recruitment counselor is your friend. Take the opportunity to get to know her, to have conversations with her.  Use her for more than guarding your tote bag.  Embrace her wisdom about the process and remember that she too once walked n your shoes. I think this quote pretty much sums up what I hope your relationship with your recruitment counselor will be:

” Some people come into our lives and quickly go. Some people move our souls to dance. They awaken us to a new understanding with the passing whisper of their wisdom, and make the sky more beautiful to gaze upon. Some people stay in our lives awhile, leave footprints on our hearts, and we are never, ever the same. ”