So we are on a road trip.  It’s an annual thing we do.  My husband, our youngest daughter and myself all load in the car and drive from Kansas City to the Outer Banks of North Carolina where we meet up with the rest of the family (they fly I from the west coast and drive in from the east coast) for a week of fun and sun.  This year we are a smaller group ..just our family plus a dear sweet uncle.

The good thing about this road trip is that it has given me a chance to blog since our dear daughter is driving!!!  The bad thing is I have learned to play the game Candy Crush.  I vowed I would never play this game and then I got sucked in yesterday between Kansas City and St. Louis.  I admit it….I’m OBSESSED.

Last night while lying in bed my daughter and I were talking about how Candy Crush is like sorority recruitment.  Now think about it for a minute. When you start out you know very little about the recruitment process.  This is especially true if you have no previous sorority experience.  So just like the game you start slowly, making a move here and there to start putting strings of connections together to pass the first level and continue the game to the final level…. recruitment, where winning means a bid to a sorority.

So if someone could give you hints on how to win each level of Candy Crush would you take them?  Of course you would and the same is true for sorority recruitment.  Face it for many of you we are down to the wire.  It’s the waiting game right now.  It’s that dreaded time when you mind begins to wander to all the different scenarios that could play out during recruitment.

First there’s the  “what if my recs all didn’t get there?”  You just have to trust that they did.  Truthfully, even those who supplied little postcards for alums to pop in the mail once they sent in the rec will tell you that they are 100%.  So you just have to trust.  If you are missing a few recs then you have to hope and pray that either the sorority you are missing the rec for loves you so much they will reach out to an alum to get you one OR somehow one alum told another and they sent in a rec on your behalf and you didn’t know it (hey…it  happens).

Next comes the clothing dilemma. You’ve been shopping and searching for the perfect outfits.  It’s difficult because you want to look perfect.  You want the right outfit for the right day but it gets to a point where they all blur together!!  What if you wear the wrong shoes?  Are strapless dresses okay?  Can you wear patterns?  What if you can only find a Preference dress that is black?  Big breath…..while it’s true you will be judged on how you “look” the truth is that most sororities will not judge you on what label you are wearing.  You are not going to not be invited back because you wore a printed dress.  During membership selection you are not going to be branded a “liability” because you wore a strapless dress. You need to wear clothes that are comfortable, fit well, are clean and pressed and stylish.  Does this mean you need to go out and buy a whole new wardrobe for recruitment?  No, but you do need to feel confident in your outfits.

For all you out-of-state girls who are worrying about getting a bid..don’t!  Now I say that because I am assuming that you have a great GPA, lots of activities and philanthropy.  Sure there will be sororities on every campus that take local girls.  There will chapters on every campus that have members who have connections to home town girls.  But I promise if you go into this process with an open mind, all of your ducks in a  and recs if you need them, in-state or out-of-state you will get a bid.


Just like the different levels of Candy Crush PNMs will be presented with different tasks they need to complete in order to move on to the next task ad level.  The order goes something like this:

Decide to go through recruitment

Make a sorority resume

Starting asking everyone you know or meet if they were a member of a sorority and if so would they be willing to write you a rec?

Collect recommendations

If your campus has a Preview Weekend go

Check to see if you have a panhellenic association in your city. If so then check to see if they have a sorority info session and attend.

Make sure to get your rec packets out in a timely manner so that they arrive in plenty of time.

Choose great outfits that flatter you.  Don’t forget great accessories that make a statement and shoes

When you arrive for recruitment listen to YOUR heart and mind.

Look at each party card as a new adventure ( and level).

Don’t dwell on what happened yesterday but accept and embrace what is in store for today.

Remember….it just takes 1!

If you do all of the above for every level of recruitment you will come out victorious with a bid in your hand.

Hmmm all good things to think about but what do you do for the next couple of weeks before move-in ?  Get on-line and look at the look book for your school.  If you are one of the lucky ones who already has her own personal copy that came to you via mail …yay!  If you are stuck to looking on the computer so be it but look…and read and absorb.  Get excited….the game is about to begin!