So it’s true confessions time (again) and I have to confess that I am an “Hocus Pocus” addict.  I LOVE that movie…especially Bette Midler, Sarah Jessica Parker and Kathy Najimy.  The Sanderson sisters are amazing.  I am counting the days until it is on ABC Family (10 pm October 26th). And so while I was obsessing about Hocus Pocus I got to thinking about the song , “I put a spell on you”.  This particular song can actually sum up what happens to many of us as we partake in the process of “Sorority Recruitment”. Think about it for a minute…doesn’t it actually put a spell on us?

The spell first takes place when you walk down the tree lined street of what is called “sorority row”, “greek town” or maybe even just “the row”.  Houses with Greek Letters stand like Centurions, guarding all that makes Greek Life wonderful!  As you stand and stare you can almost hear the giggles of sisters inside, sharing secrets that can only be shared once Bid Day is over.  If you are like my daughters, who had a mother who had worn those letters, in another time or perhaps another place, they grew up hearing all of the stories of being a part of a sisterhood.  The spell was cast and they knew that they too would become Greek.

The second part of the spell occurs when getting ready for the recruitment process commences.  Do you remember in the movie (What????? You haven’t seen it???? Seriously???  You need to get on Netflix and rent it ….NOW!!) Sorry, I digress.  Okay so in the movie when Winnie sings the song, “I put a spell on you” she encourages the people who are attending the Halloween party to dance…and they do, faster and faster and faster.  It’s like when you get started looking for recs. At first you begin to ask a friend here and there.  The next thing you know you are stalking women at the grocery store.  You are following them into dressing rooms at J Crew and creeping on sorority alum Facebook pages.  All of this frantic searching for recs, recs you need for a successful recruitment.

Now we all know that there are campuses that don’t require recs but as I have said over and over and over again…recs can’t hurt you.  If you are planning to go through recruitment on a competitive campus them I would urge you to try and get at least 1 rec per house on campus.  Yes…there will be women who will share that their daughter didn’t have a rec to every house and she did have a wonderful recruitment but for every woman who tell you that there will also be a mom who will share that they wished their daughter had gotten recs.

And so the close to recruitment you get the faster you dance.

You see there isn’t just the recs but the resume and pics and the clothes.  There’s waiting to see if mail arrives with Greek letters on it.  And you have to throw in all of the regular Senior year stuff that goes on  like AP tests, Prom and graduation.  It’s a lot so heed my words and get started now…yes you will dance but maybe not quite so fast and if you prepare you might just escape the dancing just in time.

“I put a spell on you and now you’re mine”.  That spell continues when girls get on sororities website and start to look at picture after picture.  Yes…they will be spell bound, wanting to be apart of the sisterhood.  If you girls are like mine then you will find a sorority ( or two or three) that you fall in love with…spell bound.  I always asked my daughters how this could be?  I mean they had never met the smiling girls in the pictures but the response was always the same, “oh mom, I just know!”  The spell can be even more bewitching if you are able to visit campus, perhaps for a school visit that includes a tour by a Greek Ambassador, maybe a Preview Weekend, a visit for a football game which includes a visit to a sorority (you might have a connection) or even a long weekend where the girls are able to spend the night and spend a little one on one with a sorority member.  I know I’ve shared this story before but my daughter had such an experience…in fact she had several.

The first was when she was introduced to a particular sorority by a guy friend..all done online via Facebook.  My daughter was not a girly girl but she was totally smitten by the crown that was Zeta’s symbol.  She wasn’t just smitten…she was obsessed as if under a spell.  When she got to visit for Preview Weekend and stay with a sorority member the spell became even stronger.  I actually had a nightmare where we were standing on the Zeta lawn on Bid Day and they were placing the crown on her head and asking me to write them a check for $5,000 to pay for the crown.  I called my husband to tell him this and he told me to go to PArty Palace and buy a plastic one.  In my dream I hysterically explained to him that we couldn’t…and then I woke up..whew!!!

She continued to obsess about Zeta’s until she met Tri-Delts, the first day of Ice Water teas.  It was as if a fairy came along and **POOF*** a new spell occurred.  She had one topic…Tri-Delt…Tri-Delt….Tri-Delt.  Unfortunately Tri-Delt wasn’t as spellbound about my daughter as she was about them.  Yep…she was not invited back and the magic was gone..but not for long because along came ADPi and another spell was cast.  I am happy to say that this was the last spell, the strongest spell and one that will last a life time. Yes…..ADPi the words rang true on Bid Day…”I put a spell on you..and now you’re mine”.

My point is that recruitment is wild and crazy…and yes at times it’s like being under a spell.  You will find yourself doing and saying things that you never thought you’d do or say.  I think at times my husband thought I was possessed and maybe I was (well just a little) but both I and my daughter knew that we had to really work to make sure she was ready for the recruitment ride. I will share…as crazy as it was all worth it in the end.  I had a mom email me today and share that the joy she saw on her daughters face as she ran to her sisters on the lawn of her new home, having her jersey put on and hugging them was worth all the work, the no sleep, the worry, the expense and the dancing as fast as you can.

Yes…finding a sisterhood is like a spell…..”I put a spell on you ….and now you’re mine”..for a lifetime.