Snowmagedon has hit where I live and wahooo..that means I actually have time to sit and post.  Oh my it has been forever and a day.  I have missed posting, let me tell you .

So the subject at hand today is selfies.  You know what I mean..those self pics we take with our phones that document what we are doing right this minute.  My daughters and I snap these pretty regularly and if you hop on one of our facebook pages you will see a variety of goofy grins, smiles and silly moments in time.  They are great memories and I frequently go back and fondly reminisce about days gone by.

So I know you are asking why I am blabbering on about selfies.  Well…it’s because I see a direct correlation between selfies and your resumes that you put together to send to sororities.  Do you see?  Your resume is  really nothing more than a selfie…a snap shot of you on paper.

So the question is…what selfie do you want these sororities to see?

The academic selfie.  This selfie will show sororities what kind of student you will be.  What kind of grades did you get?  Do those grades reflect effort, in other words did you take the easiest classes possible and still pull A’s (or C’s ) or did you take challenging college prep, AP, AB, or Dual Enrollment classes and do well (or not so well)?  How about standardized testing?  Do your ACT/SAT scores reflect your GPA?  In some cases we will see girls who have great GPA’s but not so great test scores.  Don’t stress about this!  sororities all understand that some of us are not great test takers and this will not reflect on your collegiate success.

Your personal selfie…part 1.  This selfie will show a bit about who you are and what your future plans will be.  Your birthday is in this section so sororities will know how old you are (doesn’t really make a difference unless you are older and attending college for the first time..being 25 probably is a challenge!). More importantly this is the section where you list your major.  This give sororities a picture of where you are heading.  While not cast in stone, by listing a major you are giving sororities information on what you might be interested in getting involved in while on campus.  Remember sororities are looking at reloading gaps caused by members graduating. Also in this section you will list your parents, where they went to school and their current occupations. I get asked all the time if sororities look at your parents occupations to determine whether you can afford sorority membership.  I’d be lying if I said no, because in some cases they do but again this just helps to paint a picture of who you are and where you are from.

Honors and Awards selfie.  This section paints of a picture that tell what type of person you are.  Are you studious, involved in honor societies, awarded academic scholarships?  Are you an athlete, team captain, multi-sport athlete? Are you artistic, winning awards for dance, music, painting or drawing?  You may be a girl who has multiple areas of excellence.  So what does this selfie show?  Well…if we look at this section and then go and look at GPA we are able to tell how a girl is able to handle the time commitment of sorority life and be successful academically.  Sororities are looking for girls who are leaders, young women who will become involved in their sorority.

Activities selfie.  This selfie shows what you chose to be involved in during your 4 years of high school.  Just like the Honors and Awards selfie this paints a picture of who you are, what your passions are, how you handle academics and time commitments.  Even more importantly this section shows your commitment to activities.  Are you a girl who is a “one and done”, meaning that you try an activity for 1 year and then move onto a new club or activity.  It maybe that you are adventurous and like to try lots of different activities. Make sure that you share your adventurous spirit during recruitment.  Sometimes sororities see the “one and done” girls as a red flag.  If you join and quit clubs you might join and quit a sorority as well.  Sororities want members that will be around for 4 years, not only as dues paying members but also as an involved member. Don’t stress over the amount of activities.  More importantly is that you joined, you stuck with it and ultimately you held a position of leadership…sends a message you will do the same thing once you are a sorority member.

Philanthropy selfie. Every sorority is affiliated with a particular philanthropy.  As a member you will be asked to commit to different philanthropic events each year. Your philanthropy selfie will show sororities how you choose to give back to others. Are you involved with a church or youth group?  Do you volunteer regularly, perhaps over your high school career? Does your volunteer selfie correlate with your activities selfie?  Are you a girl who is passionate about a particular cause…does it wind its way through your resume?

Many rec forms have a section that asks what a pnm might like to talk about during recruitment.  It’s called Hobbies and Interests and this selfie paints a portrait of who you are in your spare time (if you have any!).  What do you do in your free time?  Are you a girl who collects shoes? Maybe a girls who loves to curl up with a great romantic novel?  My daughter loved to bake.  During her senior year of high school she baked her way through the Martha Stewart Cupcake Cookbook.  This made for lots of great conversations :).  Don’t be shy about listing your hobbies and interests.  This selfie finishes up painting the picture of who you are.

While I admit that some girls look better on paper than in person (not talking about physical looks here) I also think that the selfie you portray on your resume may help sororities to want to see more.  Seeing more means having someone pick you up at the door because they want to know more.  Seeing more means inviting you to an invite event or friending you on Facebook.

So ladies…selfie away.  Create a resume that shows sororities your wonderful, amazing incredible self!!