This will not be long….I have had so many emails asking if I have stopped posting.  I am soooo sorry  that things have been so sporadic.  My new job is EXTREMELY time-consuming and I have let my sorority posting slip.  I still help young women go through recruitment (another record group) but I just haven’t had time to sit and write .  I miss it!  I kind of feel like Junie B. Jones ( a fictional character in a primary book series I LOVE!!).  There have been times that Junie B. had so much in her head that she feels like it would “splode”.  Well that’s much sorority info and ideas that my head feels like it will explode.

So this morning I woke up to several emails from potential pnms asking for last-minute advice.  After penning responses I thought that I would share what I wrote.  Although this is specific to The University of Alabama the truth is that it applies to all sororities and recruitments across the US.


My best advice is this:

Take a deep breath and relax.


Be yourself…be true to who you are and what makes you happy.  If you do

this your personality will shine through to the sororities and you will

find your home.


Don’t listen to tent talk!!!  It’s already started.  Many girls feel like

they can just sit and spew lots of rumors and opinions.  That’s all they

are.  You can “hear” them but remember to make your own choices and


You may feel a connection to a house that you might “hear” things about.

Honor that connection…there’s something there for you and you should go

with it not matter what others “think”.


There are not “bad” sororities at UA….period..and yes all sororoities do

have swaps…fraternities do want to swap with all of them (big rumor you will



Oh and speaking of rumors….Old Row fraternities DO swap with new row

List all of the sororities that you visit.


If there is a house that you don’t feel a connection to give it a second

chance…you will meet different girls and truthfully with 300 girls in a

house you will make a connection.


Remember there are no pity invites back…if you are invited back to a

house that’s because they WANTED you back. I have stood in those living

rooms and listened to members scream with excitement because a pnm is

coming back.


If a house disappears off your list take a deep breath…it’s okay to

mourn it’s absence but then you need to pick yourself up..dust yourself

off and get ready to visit those houses that are excited to have you back.


Remember it’s not personal…this one is hard because I know it feels that

way but the truth is this…the sorority didn’t not like you..they just

liked another girl a bit better….period.


Wear clothes that are comfortable and make you feel confident.


Take extra clothing options….it WILL rain and things happen…(had a

girl break 3 zippers in one day last year!)


Eat, drink, get sleep and take care of yourself.  As hard as this week is

it will be much harder if you are exhausted and hungry.


Drink the water…stay hydrated!!! We don’t want you passing out (happens

every year).

This is an emotional time..know that.


Trust and talk to your Rho Chi..she’s there for you..use her!


Speaking of talking be careful what you say…the walls have ears. If you

are sitting and talking negatively about a sorority and a Rho chi is

present it is VERY possible that she is a member of that house or knows

girls in that particular sorority.


If you get a bid to your second or third choice go to Bid Day activities

and to retreat.  Remember there is no such ting as a pity bid.  This group

of sisters saw in you the qualities that they believe will make you a

happy and involved sister.  Give them a chance.


Trust the works!