As you all who visit here know I advocate for all sororities and their members on campuses across the US and Canada.  I am blessed each year to meet so many amazing young women and their mothers :).  On occasion young women who go through the process reach out to share their expertise and advice.  So today I am sharing advice from a young woman who went through recruitment at The University of Kentucky.  Her insight and advice is great not only fro you ladies who are going through at UK but for other pnms who are preparing for recruitment on other campuses. 

In her post, my guest makes reference to “top-tier”,  a phrase that you will hear on many campuses.  You will notice that she also mentions that “top-tier” isn’t everything.  Please…when you are going through recruitment keep an open mind and heart.  It is not the social status of the sorority you join but rather the life long friendships and bonds you will make with your sisters that count.  Remember that this is a sisterhood for life..not just the 4 years you are on campus. 



University of Kentucky Recruitment Advice:

Last year I went through recruitment at UK and was lucky enough (I.E. Prepared enough) to receive and accept a bid to my dream house and I feel like in a large part I have some of the advice I read here to thank for that. I came from a very rural area ( less that 10% of my graduating class went to college or a vocational school)  and a non-Greek family , however through a lot of preparation I became a member of my wonderful sisterhood and a top tier sorority at that ( tiers aren’t everything though). I just wanted to give advice based on my experience and that of my sisters to all the PNM’s coming through this year at UK.


1.)Your Gamma Chi is your best friend during recruitment week.

    I love love love my Gamma Momma she was so phenomenal with my entire gamma chi group even though not one of us joined her sorority. Your gamma chi goes through extensive training to be a good guide for you, a shoulder to cry on, and just an all around friend so please please please don’t bag on ANY sorority in front of her ( I was the closest in my group with my gamma momma and managed to figure out what sorority she was in the first day ,I had to watch her force herself not to cry after multiple girls in my group insulted her sorority).   Feel free to ask her for anything you may need like a midnight tampon run to target or a fashion opinion.


2.) Do not wear heels if you don’t wear them regularly.

   Stumbling around like a new born giraffe while trying to run the four blocks from sorority circle to KKG in heels isn’t fun for anyone to do or watch. I recommend wearing a pair of comfortable wedges on sisterhood & philanthropy day and wear heels on pref when heels are more appropriate and only putting on your heels or wedges while in line for the house you’re about to go in and walking/running the in between in sandals.


3.) Weather happens.

It’s going to be hot and humid during all of recruitment week so I recommend bring a folding fan with you while you wait in line ( don’t forget to wear unscented sunscreen ,a girl in my group managed to get a pretty severe sun burn walking between houses and lining up). Also it WILL rain , it always does so be sure you have a back up outfit planned and when you have a long enough brake go and change into it ( happened to me twice last year , carry an umbrella .)


4.) Make friends!

Gamma Chi groups are based on what dorm floor your on so do NOT think of girls in your group as competition. These girls are going to live around you all year so be nice and not catty! Also pay attention to the girls you’re standing in line with because after the first few days the girls in your lines are very likely to become your sisters!


5.) Ignore the charming fraternity gentleman.

It’s a UK tradition for all of the fraternities to harass the babies. Sorry y’all but you’ll have to deal with guys lining the side walks between houses, guys rating girls with signs numbered 1-10, guys in the back of pick up trucks, guys who are shirtless for no reason strolling nonchalantly with little puppies … I could go on and on but just ignore them. But do mention them to the girls you talk to in the houses because everyone has a story about when they went through and how awful the boys are ( this is probably the only time it’s safe to mention boys).


I think that’s about it for main points of advice I have, just keep in mind y’all are so lucky to have two open house days this year! And you get two cute t-shirts this year ( also try to wear shorts with a cute pattern so you standout a little on the first two days)! If you guys have any UK related questions feel free to comment on this post or email them to Tammy and I’ll try to get around to them! Good luck ladies and congratulations on making the best of the next four years of your lives!