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  1. Kelli wade said:

    I am not a legacy an I don’t know a lot of soroity women to ask to write my recs. should I try to search for some that don’t know me or go in with only a one or two?

    • Ask your friends! Although it is good to get recs from people you know somewhat, you do need recs for each sorority so ask any friend you can think of. You can even ask your relatives who went to college or played sports, or people they work with.

  2. When I send my recommendation letters to the school I am attending (University of Alabama or University of Oregon) do I include a resume and headshot with the recommendation letters? Or do they go separately? Do I need to send in a resume and headshot to the sorority at all?

    • You do not send in your own rec packet. The alum who is writing your rec will send in your resume, transcript, head shot, full body shot and her recommendation. Make sure you give her a stamped and addressed manilla envelope to mail everything in,

  3. I just was admitted to the University of Alabama and I’ve decided to attend! I’ve started asking my friends if their mom was in a sorority to get a general idea of where I can get recs, but when should I actually start to put my resume, transcript, and packet together?

  4. Have a question about going through formal recruitment as a sophomore. Daughter went through recruitment as a freshman. and had a perfect rush. She is still a freshmen. She had a 3.8 first semester and a 95 gpa from highschool with 5 ap classes. She has beauty, great personality etc. She got invited back to all the maximum parties and all the maximum pref parties. She had a good feeling about all of them and had a hard time deciding to pick her 1,2 and 3 choice. She had a great connection with all but chose house 1 because the majority of her friends were in that. She said she would of been happy in any of her choices. She got a bid. She was so happy. Then within 2 days of joining, she got in trouble with the house and got kicked out. On bid day the chapter was caught drinking and a majority of girls got on probation. My daughter was not a part of that but was caught with bringing in an empty cup into the house on day 2. It was an empty solo cup of wine. It was garbage and she was throwing it out? She got distracted, put the cup down because she was talking and didn’t throw it away. Let me emphasize EMPTY cup. She left it on the counter. Also, let me explain that the rules and regulations of the chapter were not given out until day 3. This happen on day 2. She fessed up that it was her cup. Th, risk management girl saw the empty cup on the counter and asked whose cup this was. My daughter being the honest person she is and was brought up to do the right thing, fessed up and said it was hers. She was told that she had to go in front of the executive board to explain.
    My daughter was very sorry. She explained that she didn’t know all the rules since they weren’t handed out and that she would never do anything to put the house in jeopardy. She was very remorseful and apologized etc. She got an email the next day that they were terminating her bid. Needless to say she was devastated. The girls in the house told her before going in to the executive board meeting that they would just put her on probation and to not worry about it. She never in a million years thought that this would happen to her. She has never gotten in trouble at school or otherwise. She is far from the normal “party girl”. It was a stupid honest mistake. I think she was the fall guy because the initiated girls were caught drinking on bid day and they were stressed about that and then this happened to my daughter. Needless to say, my daughter wants to transfer schools and join greek life elsewhere becsuse she is nervous that she won’t get a bid or won’t get her choices again as a sophomore rushing at her school. She loves the school she is in but she is having a hard time watching her friends go through pledging because she had it but it was taken away from her. The question she is asking herself is if she stays is her reputation ruined because some girls know what happened to her. Or should she transfer out and start fresh with a new school. She has friends in different chapters and she is well liked. This has been a horrible experience and I don’t have an answer for her. I feel if she does what she did during her recruitment the first time, she will get a bid like before. Or is greek life such a tight community that she won’t get any bids if they heard she was kicked out. What are your recommendations. Do you think she should start fresh somewhere else and leave the school that she loves because of what happened? Or stick it out and stay?

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