In addition to being a mom, wife, volunteer and teacher I am also a “sorority girl” I pledged Alpha Phi (Gamma Zeta Chapter) at The University of Puget Sound in 1975. I loved every minute of sorority life. Two of my daughters followed in my Greek footsteps. It was through the process of getting ready for recruitment at a very competitive SEC school that I began to learn that recruitment life had changed. What an eye opening experience! It was after Bid Day that I decided that I needed to share my experiences and the knowledge I had acquired through this new process with others and so this blog was born. I hope for those of you who read and follow that you will find entertainment in the stories that are told and resourceful knowledge in the facts given. I would love comments and questions as I begin to share with you all that I have learned about sorority recruitment. Remember it’s all about “finding the right fit”

13 thoughts on “About”

  1. Awesome!! You go girl!!

  2. can you please contact me at bamasorority@gmail.com, Thank you

  3. Pink Turtles said:

    Love the new site! You have helped so many Mom’s and girls! Thank you for all you do.

  4. Thank you so much for creating this blog! You are amazing, and are helping so many women who are trying to prepare for sorority recruitment! Again, thank you! God Bless.

  5. Katie Baldwin said:

    I love reading your blog, helps me with a lot of questions for rushing this upcoming fall as a sophomore. Hopefully I’ll get a bid from Alpha Phi 🙂

  6. Lauren Christen said:

    Do you have to get “Letters of Support” ?

  7. I have a few concerns I need help with. My daughter was very uninformed about and had no insight into the greek system. She did not sign up for the rush process, but moved in at the same time those going through it did. She has become extremely intent on getting in now and actually cried quite a bit over regret at having missed out on the whole process. She goes to Univ. Of Arkansas and it looks like it is competitive. Do they have options for those who did not go through Fall Rush?

    She is from out of state (6 hours away) and did not know anyone else going there prior to moving in. I now live another 400 miles from where she went to high school. She only has a couple of living relatives and knows no one outside those she has met at school with any connection to any sorority. I am somewhat limited in that too. I have always been rather a loner and my only real hobby was keeping up with her activities.

    She wants to go through Rush as a Sophomore if there is nothing available before that. The big concern is getting recs. She also does not have her own transportation at school, so setting meetings could be a challenge. She had a very high GPA in HS and was active in several activities and cheer. I know she would be crushed if this falls through as disappointed as she already is at not being a part of the first chance, but she is determined so I have told her if she puts her mind and effort into it, it will work out for her.

    Based on the challenges, what is the best approach?

    Thank you in advance.

  8. I’m an Alpha Phi alumna from SFSU. My niece is going through rush at a Southern school now. I knew it would be different from the West, but she’s in a bit of shock. Thanks for the insight on this blog.

  9. Jill long said:

    I look forward to reading your blog. My daughter was dropped by my sorority at a large SEC school. Recruitment, I have discovered, parallels child birth. It is excruciatingly painful, but once it’s over the pain goes away. Tomorrow is preference and I pray that she finds happiness in a sorority that reflects the wonderful young lady that she is.

  10. I am beside myself happy to have found your blog. One of my girls will be going to off to university in 2015 and being a sorority girl is definitely important to her. Let *my* education begin!

  11. very helpful insight into the recruitment process by an Alpha Phi sister. it may be just me but it seems that the Alpha Phi’s are working hard to improve this archaic process.. An Alpha Phi from MIT wrote a computer program that has revolutionized the way Quotas are determined. Keep up the good work, sisters! My daughter will be going through recruitment this fall at a big Southern school, so proud of my sorority for trying to improve the recruitment process.

  12. Omega Sister said:

    I loved your blog even before I read this “About” section and discovered you’re my Alpha Phi sister (I’m from Omega at UT Austin). Keep up the great work.

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